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  1. Samsung SSD 840 EVO 500GB.
  2. Not sure what happened there. Tried a different type of MBR fix from another website. Completely broke my SSD. Thankfully, using Windows 7 Repair option I fixed the MBR record. Rebooted and Windows started fine. Tried "AHCI Enabler BETA" again and bingo, it worked - why I don't know. And boy, is my SSD even faster than it was before. Awesome! Original HDD scores: Sequential Read (MB/s): 45 Sequential Write (MB/s): 39 Random Read (IOPS): 155 Random Write (IOPS): 219 Previous SSD scores: Sequential Read (MB/s): 352 Sequential Write (MB/s): 246 Random Read (IOPS): 9354 Random Write (IOPS): 46985 New SSD scores (AHCI enabled) Sequential Read (MB/s): 403 Sequential Write (MB/s): 587 Random Read (IOPS): 37533 Random Write (IOPS): 38803 And my SATA interface is only 3Gb/s
  3. HI All, I've read the whole of this subject before posting. So.... the question. I have the following Mac: Mac Pro3,1 2.8GHz Chipset: Intel ESB2 AHCI When I attempt to enable AHCI with the ACHI Enabler BETA, the following message appears "Unable To Locate Code Block". I've selected the correct disc, as it shows the name a gave it "Windows 7 Pro x64" and it's an NTFS formatted partition. Any idea what the issue is. Is this chipset not yet supported in the ACHI Enabler?