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  1. cain.


    A man from Newport goes for a walk and meets a wanderer. The wanderer asks: "How are the people in Newport? Is it a good place to live?" "How were the people where you came from?" "Very friendly, open-minded and warm", answered the wanderer. "Then you will like Newport. The people there are the same." A short time later, he meets another wanderer: "How are the people in Newport? Is it a good place to live?", asks the wanderer. "How were the people where you came from?" "Unfriendly, unwilling to help and cold-hearted." "Then don't go to Newport, because the people there are the same", answers the man. ----- Pretty much every country has nice people living in it, just the ways to approach them differ. I was born and raised in Germany and have since lived in Switzerland and moved to NYC a couple of months ago. Not that much of a difference, apart from Germans and Swiss in general usually hating smalltalk, which might make them seem impolite to some. We just really don't give a damn about the weather, though Apart from what you always hear, New Yorkers are also a very nice bunch of people, if you accept them the way they are. Being straightforward or grumpy does not necessarily make someone a bad person, if you smile at them and are nice, they will be too. There's just one thing I really miss from Germany, which is what the thread starter seemed to like most about the US and which bothers me endlessly: The being really nice and polite even to people you don't like in the US. In Germany, if someone is friendly, it means they like me. Here, if someone is friendly, they might secretly hate my guts. It's driving me crazy, and to me is phony. But once again, it's nothing but cultural preferences. I like people being rude if they don't like me. It's an honest thing to do, and I can either try to change their mind - and see instantly whether it works, because they become nice - or decide not to waste my time. I really don't want to bother wasting time hanging out with people just to find out they don't even particularly like me. If you don't like someone, don't act like you do. There is no reason to insult someone, just be neutral and everybody is better off Where I'm from, people are not necessarily nice. But if you befriend them, they will have your back no matter what and stand to you no matter what, f*ck what everybody else says or thinks. It is a nice feeling to have friends like that.
  2. cain.

    Snow Leopard and Darwine?

    Googling "x11 mac" returned http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/appl...1formacosx.html as first hit.
  3. cain.


    Use an app such as www.jdownloader.org to get One-Click-Hoster files and you won't see any pop-ups or ads.
  4. If an update doesn't do anything at all, it is pretty easy to apply.
  5. cain.

    64 Bit Snow Leopard Feels Faster?

    All I know is that it just loads for ages after startup now and is in effect unusable for a longer time than before. Also, Shutdown takes longer for me. Finder is definitely faster though. That's just not worth the two Kernel Panics a day IMHO - and that's on an iMac, not a Hackintosh
  6. Thing is, on an original iMac and a 100% vanilla install I would be pretty upset if any of that was he case. No, Snow Leopard gives me Kernel Panics. Only Apps that regularly are running when it happens are FF3 and/or Plex - not necessarily together.The report says something about unlocking a mutex that is not locked. No idea what could cause it
  7. I won't complain about Windows 7 ever again - at least it never had a BSOD or anything, not even on the RC. Snow Leopard, on the other hand, gave me two kernel panics TODAY alone and is sometimes close to unusable...
  8. Know it's called ten, call it X. My Mac still works, so it doesn't seem to be offended. Making an issue out of it is just smartassing anyways, IMO...
  9. I like Windows 7 better than XP, it rocks on my Wind. Still, I think that the OP still has a valid point - they should really add this, and I did have some issues with my Explorer (not on the Wind but a proper machine, mind)
  10. cain.

    10.5.8 is out?

    Seriously, why does everyone always freak out so much about these updates? Nothing interesting happened, and it rarely does. It's just minor bugfixes and security update! Maybe it is because I have a real Mac and do not have to be scared to wreck my machine just so an Aperture instead of an iPhoto action is invoked, but isn't that as if MS fanboys would get into a frenzy about the newest patchday? And now please don't tell me they do or I'll bang my head against the next wall I can find...
  11. cain.

    Bought wrong version of XP

    Check the post by a guy called "Fast RAID" here: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=9789281 @mikecwest: Seemingly, the Leopard 10.5.7 install DVDs already include SP3-Support, but most people still just have a 10.5 DVD.
  12. cain.

    iPhone maker suicide

    If the Chinese concept of honor resembles the Japanese one even a little, being falsely accused of having brought shame onto the company might end up in a suicide. Not always, but occasionally. I just do not see where and how Apple is responsible. They only use them as a producer, and so far nothing had happened in this company - plus, Apple WAS already investigating the workplace conditions, so they do evaluate their partners - which is very rare in respect to Chinese OEMs, most companies do not care about the workplace conditions of their producers as long as it's no sweat shop.
  13. cain.

    Apples "OpenCL" vs NVidia's CUDA

    Well, probably Apple does it because it does not want one of its main features to depend on a different manufacturer and lose all bargaining power against NVidia, because they could not switch to ATI?
  14. cain.

    Will you still buy the real deal?

    Yeah right... Business 101 you slept, huh? The price for OS and hardware is directly connected, and the OS is seriously underpriced and you factually pay a one-time fee once you buy it. The low retail prices are just upgrades then.
  15. cain.

    Decent Video players for Mac?

    Plex and VLC is all you'll ever need