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  1. Yes, thanks for your help! I tried doing the following with gdisk to get the protective mbr and still the disk was not recognizable by the windows 7 installer. I must have messed something up somewhere along the line here.. I've never had such a hard time installing windows on a mac, or in general for that matter. http://superuser.com/questions/508026/windows-detects-gpt-disk-as-mbr-in-efi-boot
  2. Worked perfect, thanks for your help! Now I'm of course getting problems with windows telling me it won't install because my partition isn't GPT (it is). It's rather funny thy the most challenge part of building this computer is getting windows to run. Osx has been running perfect since the first attempt.
  3. I tried it the other way as well and still haven't had any luck. I also tried following these two tutorials: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDm8rWr3dV8 I still can't get it to boot unfortunately. Not sure where I'm running into problems.
  4. Hi modbin, Thanks for that, it seems the issue is I was extracting in OSX not W7. I replaced the the entire EFI folder with the one from '1' and I also replaced the bootmgr.efi that is in the main folder of the wininstall drive at separate times and tried to boot with no luck. I'm guessing I'm doing something pretty dumb thats preventing this from working. Thanks, Matt
  5. Hi modbin, thanks for the pointers! I tried extracting like you suggested but when I get to \sources\install.wim and extract all '1' shows me is an xml file with a single character '#', no other files resulted from the extract. Any ideas? Thanks, Matt
  6. Hey everyone, First I wanna say thanks to everyone who has contributed to the thread so far, there is a lot of information I found helpful. I seem to be running into an odd issue, but basically I built my desktop with the quo board, flashed the bios with hermit crabs labs and it booted on the first try right into the drive that I cloned from my macbook. However, I've run into some problems. The first issue I encountered was when cloning my macbook drive, it did not let me clone my bootcamp partition to the second partition on the new drive. I figured no worries, I'll just re-run bootcamp and do a fresh install. However, the computer just restarts in the middle of formatting the destination disk of the bootcamp install, and when holding the home button and attempting to boot into my usb stick with the windows .iso, I simply get a black screen that says: 'press any key to boot file' and when doing so simply brings me back into the osx boot sequence. I've also done the 'pre' info.plist edit without luck. I've also purchased winclone as a workaround - no luck there, as well as using an additional HD with only one partition for windows and found no success there either. Has anyone encountered similar issues or have any idea as to what might be causing these problems. Any ideas would be much appreciated. -Matt