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  1. I will reinstall Vanilla Snow Leo on my A916 Compaq because the 801.11n wireless (300 meg) card that I installed only works in 32 bit mode and it should be working in 64 bit since its a widely used Atheros adapter. I can run fine in 64 bit mode but that specific wi-fi card won't work. If people interested around is still around I can document the install with detailed steps. I did not created a guide previously because the requests came few months after and it was really difficult to explain all detailed steps, although I know them once I start doing it. One thing I'd like to share is that my laptop got new blood. I removed that stupid Intel T2350 processor and I installed and awesome T6600. It runs so much faster and way much more cool (I was getting up to 76 C before) now I'm at 37 C steady. I also upgraded the DRam to 4Gig. basically I got an awesome laptop (after 3 years) for very cheap. Not looking to buy any new at least for 2-3 years more with this refreshed baby... Mike. Open the attachment and you'll see the 4 Gig on SL vanilla install...
  2. Atheros AR5BXB72

    Not sure why you want to re-brand a card that's an original Apple part like in this case is the Atheros AR5BXB72 that used to come with the MacBookPro.
  3. Atheros AR5BXB72

    If you still looking for a solution: Try to boot in 32bit mode. For that use at boot Chameleon screen use the following: -v arch=i386 Let know results.
  4. help with Intel GMA 965 (X3100) on Snowleopard

    You should follow the directions given on this thread. Also you need to restore back all the AppleIntel*.* video kexts from 10.6.2 since the ones from 10.6.3 not longer support 64 bit, keep that in mind.
  5. I have a Snow Leopard 10.6.2 successful install on Compaq A900 which is the same as C700 but the only difference is the 17" screen compared with the C700 15" screen. Google it you'll see are the same, even HP site points to the same BIOS update for both to F34 (same file and same service manual). Check my update on the A900 thread: Compaq A900 I'll take some pictures to show everyone...
  6. I have made a Snow Leopard 10.6.2 successful install on 2 Compaq A900 (my wife and my own A916NR laptops). For awhile I had iAtkos v1.2 10.5.4 that's what I believe most people have been able to install. So I've made install for may friends on different laptops and even on my own desktops I decided to take the challenge and install Snow Leo 10.6.2 on our 2 Compaq's (which are the same as C700 if google it you'll find it true). Everything works except the built in camera, that always been an issue. Sleep works but only on 32 bit boot mode. The install is very tricky and I believe its not for rookies or people with moderate to advance knowledge. I can create a guide if still there are out there enough people with these laptops that don't want to give them up like me. Actually the install came out that good and because the nice screen that these A900 have (a 17" brightview) that it made me to try also a CPU swap on my wife one since hers was overheating a lot and self turning off (a well known issue on these laptops). The swap was also so successful that I will now mine as well. I got T8300 on hers and planning to get the same for mine. The cores temperature went from constant 80-84 Celsius down to 52-56 C. One thing that I also did was to install a 802.11N wireless pci-e card so these laptops now won't have anything to envy to most current laptops, all done for cheap (I paid for them $499 at Bestbuy back in 2007). Mike K.
  7. Sorry about your luck but your Intel processor does not support virtualization/VT, check intel site: http://processorfinder.intel.com/details.aspx?sSpec=SLA95 Parallels 5 do require VT and without it won't even install. All real MACs support VT so basically Parallels is not for older/cheap Hackintosh'es.
  8. Hi dopazo, Just make sure you understand that MAC's currently do not support Blue-Ray and so far is not in Apple radar as far as I know. Other than that the Mini-ATX board shouldn't concern you much, I personally own one and it works just great for very cheap if you compare with others MoBos. Unless you really plan to add multiple cards the GA-P55M-UD2 should take you far without any problem. Mike K.
  9. Snow Leopard and Windows 7

    I'm 44 years old and I can tell you I worked with MS DOS on the early stages. I recall having IBM Junior PC (that came on a briefcase) some where on my garage. I also worked with CPM/80 which was the OS of preference at the time until IBM hit the shelf with the PC. I also worked with Unix machines and SCO Xenix (thanks God). So I can tell you that Microsoft version of DOS is the worst of all. Even Digital Research or DR DOS on that time was far superior than Microsoft version, it had multitasking features when Microsoft had not clue of what was that.But DR DOS did not had the marketability that Microsoft gained by then with the IBM association. Microsoft operating system always being inferior. At the time that they got the IBM deal they were just doing language programming and applications. Up to today's date they should stick on that. The office suite its good. Windows 7 cannot compare to OSX Tiger 10.4 Windows 7 its far inferior. Never mind trying to compare it with Snow Leopard 10.6 Just take for example the security level at Windows 7, that's a joke how it handle the permissions on running applications, it says that need authorization but you never have to type a password at the end it goes on with just a click. Again that won't happen on Unix neither OSX because is Unix based. Bottom line, stop comparing the 2, its unfair to Windows 7 to have it compare to OSX. Big handicap for Microsoft. Mike