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  1. @counter5th The problem with using an non-jailbroken iPhone for this is that it only shares your cellular connection, not WiFi - even if it's connected to a WiFi network. You can overcome this by jailbreaking, but then you have to buy additional stuff in Cydia to get it to work.
  2. [surface2OSX] Just a reminder for all new SF2P OSX Bluetooth users out there (many thanks jape!): If you have a Mac running nearby, you can easily access it's WiFi/LAN connection over Bluetooth via System Preferences -> Sharing -> Internet Sharing on that Mac. It's still Bluetooth though so for me it gives my Surface only about 1Mbit (out of my 100) over Bluetooth. This still works fairly well for surfing and regular stuff - but at least you get access to the USB-port if needed. Maybe this is obvious to most, but I still think it's worth mentioning. Again, thanks for all the hard work all!
  3. @JahStories: If you just want to use the SP as a remote DAW MIDI Controller (with TouchOSC and the likes for Android), I've successfully used the free Bluestacks to run Android under Win 8.1 instead of installing a dual boot. Just sayin. Its touch response is really snappy and it's just about perfect for MIDI use. I still prefer Logic Remote on my iPad though. Oh, and I'm also using the SF2 for pro audio mainly - without any problems at this point. Again, thanks for all the hard work.
  4. @BenjaminLSR I've definitely had my share of audio lag/glitches. Just search for me in the thread and give my workaround a try. It's worth a shot at least. Re-syncing the audio clock with Soundflower solved my problems on 10.9.1 - but strangely after just upgrading to 10.9.2 the VoodooHDA now works great without it.
  5. @exxige You can also try using EFI Mounter v2 to mount your EFI partitions instead of Clover Installer/Clover Configurator or Terminal. You'll find it here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=115948
  6. Surface Pro 2 Brilliant! Upgraded to 10.9.2 and my audio glitches are gone. No need for the workaround I described earlier. USB-audio works too! Just using the new VoodooHDA for 10.9.2 and the new mach_kernel. The only things left for me to fix now are: • Brightness slider only works after sleep. • Sleep still drains the battery. Has anyone got these working yet? Cheers + thanks for your work JahStories & macspike and others.
  7. @MetalFishX: Cool! For most things this works for me as well (VoodooHDA kext only). Like Spotify and browsing etc. It's only when I use Logic X, Airplay or USB-audio I run into problems. But this solution fixed it for me at least - and maybe someone else can benefit from it as well Cheers,
  8. @MetalFishX: For some users, the sample rate trick seems to work. But according to others in the audio forum over here, the problems reappear as the codec slowly drifts out of sync again after 5 minutes or so. Also, some people don't seem to experience any issues to begin with. Perfect for them of course, but still pretty weird as the install & the hardware are identical. Did you also check the box "drift correction" on the Speaker (Analog) on the multi-output device in Audio/MIDI Setup? This needs to be checked - and there should be a clock icon on the right of the Soundflower (2ch) and a sine wave on the right of the Speaker (Analog) when the multi-output device is expanded. Then use this new multi-output device as audio output and system sound output. So, the Soundflower (2ch) device in this setup is actually only used as a clock source. (Both 2ch & 64ch turned off in Soundflowerbed). (Updated my previous post with a screenshot to clarify.) Well, anyway, hope it works out!
  9. Surface Pro 2 FIXED/WORKAROUND: The audio glitches related to the drifting/non syncing sample rate of the ALC3230 can be fixed by using the Akzidenz patched VoodooHDA 2.8.0 from the guide - in combination with installing Soundflower 1.6.6b and by setting up a new multi-output device in Audio/MIDI settings. Make sure you select Soundflower (2ch) as the clock source (right click) and then any other device - including "Speaker (Analog)", "Headphones (Black left) and Airplay - as "resample this sub device". This will give the ALC3230 a proper clock source and fix the problems with external USB-audio, Airplay and pro audio programs like Logic Pro X. Enjoy your new audio workstation! Best, /knod
  10. Surface Pro 2 OSX @JahStories & uhoh Thanks for the input JahStories! I used the VoodooHDA which is linked to in the first post under the Surface Pro 2 instructions. I believe it's Akzidentz modified rollback to VoodooHDA 2.8.0. In the thread he's also -prior to that- linked to a modified 2.8.4 version, but as stated in the thread it stutters even more when I try that one. I can't seem to find any later versions. So, just to get rid of any possible confusion here: When using Akzidentz 2.8.0 the audio problems are not severe, I can still use audio for common tasks like surfing and Spotify - without any obvious audio glitches. But I also experience more subtle symptoms of a malfunctioning sound driver: • When using AirPlay to an AppleTV/Airport Express there are short, silent drop outs every two seconds or so. Using any audio source, e.g. Spotify which sounds fine on the internal soundcard. • System sound effects like alert sounds and the feedback sound from the volume keys are lagging (and are sometimes partially cutoff/muted). • Any pro audio app will have problems syncing audio to midi, stating that the sample rate suddenly changed. (Which is actually the real bummer here for a musician like me). • Any external USB-audio device will experience the same type of errors, but the symptoms are actually much worse. So, if someone maybe hasn't tried any of these more "rare" cases yet, it might seem like the driver/kext is working fine. I'm not saying it's not of course, but it might be the case - and I just want to rule that out. Everything else is working 100% and my installation is pretty virgin - no other kexts installed besides the ones from the guide. I'm booting OSX off a 64GB, 85Mb/s MicroSD which works perfect. (Just waiting to get my hands on a SanDisk 128GB Ultra microSDXC which was announced last week.) Thanks again for all your efforts in this thread! Just hope to get this last piece working, /knod @macspike: Thanks for the heads up on 10.9.2!
  11. Surface2Pro Anyone else but me that has problems with audio glitches? Spotify, Airplay and sometimes even videos get out of audio sync or get periodic dropouts. And my volume button feedback klicks are also lagging a bit. I use the VoodoHDA technique as described in the guide. This also seems to affect pro audio software like Logic and Live - they both report that the sample rate change over time and is not syncable with the internal midi clock. I also get the same problem when trying any class compliant external USB-audio device instead of the built in one. Just wanted to see if anyone else has these problems before I do a reinstall. Thanks in advance + cheers, /knod
  12. (Surface2OSX) Sound works fine in most apps with the macspike VoodoHDA kext (thank you sooo much for this!), but somehow it seems a little bit shaky still - when using Logic X, I get problems with syncing audio to midi. The error pop-ups say that the sample rate is changing (different sample rate values every time, like 46021 instead of 44100 for example). You can even hear the metronome is off beat. I've tried most sample rate settings both in Logic and in the Audio/MIDI settings app in OSX, but the problem is still there. Just wanted to let you all know. Thank you very much for all your efforts guys!