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  1. Româna

    ce mai face romanii nostri? ok...nu am mai facut nimic cu dell-mac-ul meu...ma chinuie talentu' si vreau sa mai incerc, asadar, ce vs imi recomandati sa incerc pe configuratia din semnatura? v-am salutat!
  2. Româna

    ok ms de info...si unde dau de tboot? intre timp am renuntat la osx, ca am facut o prostie si am facut update de la apple direct, am gasit aqm o discutie aici pe forum, cum ar trebui "pregatit" mai inainte update-ul de la apple. cand o sa am timp am sa revin, caci sigur o sam nevoie de ajutor . v-am salutat!!!
  3. it's not about hacking here, it is just bad report from dell. also I've instalated 2x2G 667Mhz, corsair memory module and it's working, but with limitation. If u go in bios u will see memory installed 4097MB and available 3327MB ....I think is dell restriction, why I said this, because my mother board chipset is Intel i945PM and on Intel website it seems this chpset supports max 4GB memory... so if u have 945 chipset from intel also will work on your "toy" later edit. . . but the os seems to see all memory installed, but it works with just 3,325GB(available) good lock!!
  4. i've got this 2 errors. what is the problem? os kalyway 10.5.2 screen.tiff screen2.tiff
  5. Vista, XP e OSX - Multibooting

    I can use the same procedure with all 3 os on 1 hdd? I have already dual boot XP-vista and now I want to instal osx on third partition and use easyBCD as boot loader. It can be possible to work all 3 os in this way or not? Or how would you advise me ? thx a lot!!!
  6. Româna

    am incercat cu aasa cum zici, dar nu mi-a iesit, nu imi dau seama ce-mi scapa