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  1. Which came first, WPF or Core Image?

    The person who posted the question cares, and me. And I'm sure many other people cares too.
  2. OSx86 review

    I totally agree with the review! I love to try new OS and software and for me OSx86 was a great oportunity to test how a Mac works. I really liked the MacOS and I've also thinked about buying a real Mac. To get a fully working machine with hacked MacOS you need to spend lots of time reading information and searching for patches or doing weird things to the system to make devices work. This is totally the oposite of Mac philosophy. Now I keep doing my work on WinXP that for me is very realiable, not as nice, but fast and reliable. I play sometimes with MacOSx86 or use it for testing some Mac apps and after testing the Vista beta and Office 2007, that are real nice too, I things that great things will come to the PC World in 2007. My experience after trying this is that I don't miss a thing from MacOS X. Well... Automator was nice. I think Microsoft should copy it too! Next year Apple will have to do a hard work. For less the price of an average Mac you will buy a monster Dual Core PC with Vista, lots of RAM and a power graphics card.
  3. I really don't understand why people say Vista is horrible. I've started betatesting Vista Beta 2 and for me is amazing. The graphic interface look very moden and is fast and easy to use. Some of the new features are included in OSX like que sidebar with widgets or the instant search function. But for me this is great as I liked a lot OSX and now I can have all this featrues in Vista and use all my other Windows programs. Performance is great even now that in Beta 2 code is not optimized. Maybe a little hardware hungry. But all of us nows what a Dual core 2Gb PC will cost on 2007. I think I'm one of those that loved Mac OSX but now love more Vista.
  4. Actually I'm running Vista Beta 2 with a Gforce FX6200 with 128Mb. I buyed this card one year ago for about 50 Euros and Aero runs great on it. On 2007 when Vista comes out any cheap graphic card will run Aero very fast. I'm impressed by the new interface.
  5. I'm also a Windows XP user and I've tryed Mac OSX that I liked a lot to me. But this week end I finally downloaded Windows Vista Beta 2 and tryied on my PC. It's simply amazing. You need to see Aero Glass working. On my office PC it not supported Aero Glass and I was also very disapointed. Then installed on my home PC and was blows away by the new graphic interface. Is simply amazing. I love it!!! Vista with or without Aero is like night and day. Now I think I will not care about Mac OSX anymore, although it liked a lot to me. NowI have the same on PC. Widgets, cool interface, instant search, Internet Explorer 7... Also install Office 2007 beta 2 and you will see what is the future of computing. :-) I know many people will not share my opinion. But I've worked with many operating systems and I've fallen in love with Vista.
  6. Same sex marriage is totally legal in my country since laste year. I think it's great if people of the same sex wants to live a life toghether and can do it. If it doesn't harm other people and make them happy why not?
  7. Login into Windows shares

    I've been doing some testing with the information provided by you... I've tryed clearing the keychains and all combinations of connection strings from the Finder. Nothing worked on a Windows 2003 Server. Then tried from the Terminal and I've had a surprise. Using the smbclient command I can connect to the server without problems and list all the files inside. But this is not very useful as I can't access the share from the Finder. I've tryed to mount the share from the Terminal using mount_smbfs command. This not worked. So by now I'm unable to use the network share from the Finder.
  8. Login into Windows shares

    Thanks a lot for the suggestions. There's a lot of information on the link from Technobob and I will try also the MacLover's way. I will report if it works when I get back to my office. Thanks a lot!
  9. Login into Windows shares

    Thanks for your help and suggestions. Sadly it didn't worked also. I've tryed all the connections strings and tryed with different combinations without success. Even if I search the network on Mac OSX I can find the server and when click on connect... it ads the domain and asks for user and password. But it says it's not correct. The problems seems to be with Windows 2003 Server. I have no problems connecting to other shares like Windows 2000 Server or Windows XP. I've tryed to connect from my 2000 Server to my 2003 Server and worked perfect. It just asked for username and password and loged in the first time. It's really weird.
  10. Login into Windows shares

    Thanks a lot for you help. I've tryed it and worked perfectly on a Windows 2000 Server share. But I'm trying to connect to a Windows 2003 Server share and doesn't seems to work. I've rechecked the login and server information but doesn't work. Can somebody confirm that has connected succesfully to a Windows 2003 Server share?
  11. I'm having problems login into Windows shared folders on my network with OSX86. The network is running fine and I can see al the servers and PC's on my Windows network. I can also login into shared folders without permisions. But when I try to login into a shared folder that requires user and password it doesn't recognize it and can't connect. I've tried login with the correct user and passwork but there's no way. Has somebody tryed to open Windows shared folders with success? Best regards!
  12. I think this is the time to do it. I'm sure lots of people are wishing to have Mac OSX for his PC's. This will be a good competence to Windows.
  13. Macromedia Studio 8

    I've tryed Dreamweaver and Fireworks 8 on two PC's running OSX86. On one of them installed fine, on the other Dreamweaver installs fine but Fireworks crashes just when I start the installer. In fact what crash error reports is a crack from Flash Player. I don't know why it works on one computer and fails on the other. Performance is good. But not as good as the same applications running on Windows XP. I suppose that this is becouse they are big PPC applications.
  14. I've made a full reinstall and now the systems seems to shutdown fine. Maybe it was becouse of the boot command "platform=X86PC" that I added on the first install. I've heard that this deativates ACPI functions. I've found no solutions by now for the audio outputs problem.
  15. I've managed to get all my harware to run. But I have a couple of small problems... The sound card plays fine but audio inputs and outputs seems to be changed. Surprisingly I have to plug my speakers to the MIC input. Also when I do a Shutdown the computers doesn't turns off and it stays with a blue screen and the "spinning wheel". Had somebody similar problems? Any suggestions?