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  1. yo guys, i have a little Problem. I can start only my hackintosh with safemode. I installed the System with the Flag IGPEnabler=No, but cant boot my hackintosh with this flag. I made my stick with Myhack. When i want to boot my System or Usb without Safemode and verbose mode then i becomes kSMC erros. Here are my System: CPU: i5 3350P ( NO INTERN GRAPHICS! ) Main: Asus P8h77-v LE GPU: Zotac GTX 650TI Ram: 2 x 4GB ddr3 Can you help me ? Woodie
  2. yo Leute mein Hacki startet leider nur im Safemode Manchmal startet er auch mit dem Flag IGPEnabler=No. Aber dafuer muss ich dann immer ca. 10 mal booten. Mein stick ist mit Myhack erstellt worden. Also wenn ich ohne Safemode und mit -v boote moechte, dann kommen die kSMC Fehler und es geht nach Bluetooth controller Support nicht mehr weiter. Achja wenn ich ohne -v boote dann habe ich eine Dauerschleife mit dem Apple Logo und dem Ladezeichen. P.S: Ich kam am Anfang mit dem Bootflag IGPEnabler=No ins installationsmenu, aber jetzt auch nicht mehr. Hier nochmal mein Setup: CPU: i5 3350P ( NO INTERN GRAPHICS! ) Main: Asus P8h77-v LE GPU: Zotac GTX 650TI Ram: 2 x 4GB ddr3 und hier noch ein Screen von den kSMC errors: LG Woodie
  3. Safemode

    oooh ye sry not english:) ye the problem is, my macbook is in repair:( i must create this under windows. and this tool is only for .iso^^
  4. Safemode

    ok i dont understand how to make a .raw bootable on a usb lelelelel
  5. Safemode

    usb or cd version ?
  6. Safemode

    i download it^^ want to try this with my stick:... hhrm 10.9.1 or 10.9?
  7. Safemode

    doens't work for me:( i made all Bios settings like in this Post but i get also by starting up my system with OSX kSMC errors. I can only boot with -x.
  8. Safemode

    okay sry i dont understood your last post ok thanks i'll try to make my board non UEFI. But can i use then windows in dualboot or not ?
  9. Safemode

    my board is a uefi board. I want to boot normal:( I said that i can only boot with -x. And you think that i must make a boot usb with Myhack? Thanks for you support <3
  10. Safemode

    ok ye sry:) eehm doenst goes. i must start with -x otherwise i become kSMC errors and it dont boot into the installation screen. Only in a gray screen with the loadicon "Pizza of Death".
  11. Safemode

    yo Guys, Yesterday i made a Mavericks Boot USB with [url=&quot;http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/&quot;]#####[/url]. When i want to boot, i get kSMC errors. Only when i start with -x then i can install the System. After the installation i can start only with -x, too. Can you say me why and how to fix this. System: CPU i5 3350p Mainboard Asus P8H77-v LE Graphics: Zotac GTX 650TI Ram 2 x 4GB Corsair DDR3