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  1. X9DRi-f unusable GUI

    I tossed Mavericks onto my new X9DRi-f build. The installer comes up fine and then install goes smoothly, but as soon as I reboot to the installed OS the GUI is unusably slow and crashes. If I boot -x I can use the GUI, but the hardware acceleration for the GUI is off (as are other bits obviously.) Anybody have any insight or guesses as to which kexts might be the culprit? No major changes or kernel flags to get the installer to boot using Chameleon. Build: X9DRi-f 2xE5-2690 (Sandy Bridge) 8x8GB DIMMs GTX 680
  2. Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    ARRRGGGHHH!!! Tearing my hair out here. Finally went for a 9260-8i. Built it up on a DZ77GA-70K with Yosemite and Clover. Created a virtual device. No drive though. RAID 0, 1, 5, and 6. System information shows the device (LUN Address: 00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00), but Disk Utility doesn't. WTF am I doing wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated. LSI 9260-8i FW= 12.15.0-0205 Latest Yosemite and Clover... mfiutil sees the volumes just fine... Tried flipping PreferMSI with no difference. Tried uncontiguous enumeration with no difference. TIA for any help. UPDATE: I swapped a known working card into the system and experienced the same results. I took the non-working 9260 out and put it into a known working system and everything worked. @glotzer I think you may be into something. I think some of these desktop board's PLX PCIe switching is causing problems. I noticed when the card was in the x16 slot for the GPU would show as x8. I was using a GTX580, BTW. I didn't try the small drives like you had, but as I mentioned the problem followed the motherboard and not the card. lspci showing any unknown PLX devices? @dukzcry Any idea how we could troubleshoot or test that theory?
  3. Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    Hello! Just wanted to say again thanks for the work and I love the kext. Might I suggest a GoFundMe for some higher performance cards? SAS 12Gb is looking pretty sweet. I recently came back to this thread for a new build and noticed that in the README that the IBM ServerRAID M1015 had been crossed out. I've been using one of these cards for a while with good results. I couldn't find a specific post that got the card killed, but... I'd like to give the sleep stuff a shot, but I don't see a Yosemite version with the sleep option available. Could someone post or PM that? Thanks much.
  4. AppleIGB.kext

    Intel Corporation I350 Gigabit Network Connection [8086:1521]. This is onboard my motherboard. FWIW this just crashed on me again twice. Not sure what happened. It worked great and let me transfer ~10TB without hiccups...
  5. Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    Hi Dukzcry! I'm trying to start a rebuild from mfiutil, but I cannot set the drive into the rebuild state. I get "Failed to set drive 11 to REBUILD: Cannot allocate memory". Any tips? Thanks much!
  6. AppleIGB.kext

    This is now stable again for me on 10.9.3. Thank you!!!!
  7. Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    brickbat! PM me if you decide to go the H310 route. I'm overstocked.
  8. Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    I was not not able to put the time into working on these cards, but I think there may be a firmware issue that I ran into. RAID-5 was a no-go, but non-parity RAIDs like 10 worked, so it may depend on your use-case. The driver (like those on any other OS as well) only presents the "virtual" devices that the card creates. This is just LSI's term for creating a RAID array. All RAID cards will do the same thing. Once you install the card and the driver go into the BIOS for the card and create a RAID array/virtual disk and it should present that volume to the OS for formatting. Definitely interested to hear if you get the H310 working with RAID-5. As I said I think it will require trying some different firmware levels, which in turn, will require a DOS bootable volume with the Dell firmware on it.
  9. AppleIGB.kext

    Can you share you PCI Vendor and Device IDs? Should make it easier to search for. I just had this problem again on Mountain Lion and Mavericks with a Intel Corporation I350 Gigabit Network Connection [8086:1521]. Thank you so much for linking the 5.0.5 version as that version is working for me. I wonder if this is a problem in the code base or something from the cross-compile...
  10. I cannot get the config mentioned above working with the released version of 10.9. Has anyone had any luck? Using the older IOPCIFamily.kext stops most other kexts from being able to load...
  11. Installing 10.9 on SSD RAID

    Followed the same guide and am not getting the partitions to show up on the bootable list. Can you tell me what versions of what bootloader you used please? Thanks!
  12. Installing onto RAID 1

    I am trying to install 10.9 onto a RAID-1. I have created a bootable thumbdrive that has worked for several installs already. I boot from this, open Disk Utility, create the array and then go back and install onto the array. Everything goes smoothly until I reboot. I cannot get a bootloader (latest Chameleon and some older 2.2s or Ch**era) to recognize the volume. Has anyone been able to do this? I have followed multiple posts to write MBRs, etc. to both drives with no luck. Thanks!
  13. AppleIGB.kext

    Loaded Mavericks and downloaded the latest version for my S5520SC Intel MB with a 8086:10a7 (82575EB) NIC. Everything worked fine before, but now after a bit I get /var/log/system.log filling with: Dec 20 18:35:14 dionysus kernel[0]: Detected Tx Unit Hang Dec 20 18:35:14 dionysus kernel[0]: Tx Queue <0> Dec 20 18:35:14 dionysus kernel[0]: TDH <8b> Dec 20 18:35:14 dionysus kernel[0]: TDT <a3> Dec 20 18:35:14 dionysus kernel[0]: next_to_use <a3> Dec 20 18:35:14 dionysus kernel[0]: next_to_clean <8b> Dec 20 18:35:14 dionysus kernel[0]: buffer_info[next_to_clean] Dec 20 18:35:14 dionysus kernel[0]: time_stamp <55e1> Dec 20 18:35:14 dionysus kernel[0]: next_to_watch <0xffffff829f3fb8d0> Dec 20 18:35:14 dionysus kernel[0]: desc.status <0> Dec 20 18:35:14 dionysus kernel[0]: AppleIGB::stopTxQueue() As connectivity drops. I can't find any older versions to try. Any ideas? Thanks so much!!!
  14. Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    Hi Billy, I have not played with this driver in particular, but it will likely work in an Intel Mac with one caveat. Because the firmware on the devices have a BIOS Apple's implementation of EFI will not recognize it as a boot device. If you're OK with that I'd bet on it working. I say this based on a number of cards (NIC, HBA, etc.) that I have used from the PC world in my old Intel Powermac. dukzcry, The version that came on the cards is newer than anything I can find on Dell's site (they have 20.12.1-002,A02, but the cards have 20.12.2-001. I've tried flashing the firmware back with Dell's utilities for Winbloze™ under Win 7 for the two latest versions they have. They say they completed, but the card disagrees. All of that said Dell's support site is a mess. I'm in the middle of a giant rsync right now, but when that is done I'll toss that Dell card back in there and try from a DOS bootable USB key and see if that works. The only thing I have seen about flashing them with LSI firmware talks about "IT mode". This apparently turns them into a HBA, which is not what I want. Do you have any further experience you could share on this? Any firmware flashing utils under different OS that you think might work with the ROMs that Dell lets you download?
  15. Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    Hey Big D, I bought several other cards which appear to work without an issue. Most recently the IBM M5015, LSI 8704ELP and an IBM M1015 with feature key. I would still love to get these H310s working (I bought 10 thinking they would all work). I should have a full remote KVM system for you to play with shortly. Let me know if anything else comes to mind on your side. Thanks so much again!