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  1. I know it's not as fast but I just use DiskUtility as I've had no problems with that. I just boot to my ten gig partition on an external drive and make a backup image of my system disk from there. I restore the image from there as well. I've done it several times to make certain it works. Not fast, but it does work.
  2. No mod needed for the retail dvd. The Baron lists the kexts needed and install procedure in the post above yours. The only thing else I added was Titan for my specific video card. I deleted AppleIntelCPUPowermanagement.kext otherwise you won't be able to boot. Enjoy. You got it! Cool. Follow Netkas guide for the update to 10.5.2 and you are good to go.
  3. Regarding the EFI v7 first then EFI V8 second. It is just redundant. If you do it in this order it should work. 1. Format drive GUID. 2. Install OS. 3. Unmount volume and make drive bootable. Either boot from an external drive or do it from the install dvd and go into terminal from there. * you will get an error * but continue on with the commands (f 2, w, q) and it will still make it bootable. 4. Unmount volume again and then do the EFI V8 only. 5. Add needed kexts and delete another one. 6. Pound f8 on restart and boot in verbose mode to see if it hangs. If it starts to boot then you are on your way. If it hangs on something then that is a clue to where one problem might be. Most of this is from memory as I did it when Leopard was first released and then again when Netkas released EFI v8. My system is completely stable with retail install dvd and 3 kexts added and one deleted. Have fun with it because that's what it's all about. The reward is worth the effort in the end. Cheers
  4. Hey, It's all much simpler than you think. There is no reason to do EFIv7 first. Just do this: 1. Partition drive GUID. 2. From a bootable external drive (Tiger or Leo), install Leopard. (I used a retail disk). 3. Make drive active in Terminal. This is a key step most people miss. 4. Apply EFI v8. 5. Replace these kexts - appleSMBIOS , IONetworking and dsmos. Do your video card specific stuff here too. 6. Then boot to the newly created install with -v flag 7. Do the HDA patcher if you want onboard audio. 8. Follow Netkas instructions for 10.5.2 update. Instructions are in this thread and out there as well for all of this. Also, doing everything from a bootable external drive saves so much time. It really is worth the extra effort. Enjoy
  5. How's that coming along?
  6. The only kexts I changed from a ToH and EFI v8 installation were the dsmos.kext and AppleSMBIOS.kext. I got those two from one of the efi packages. Also did IONetworkingFamily from irc, AppleHDA patcher for audio, then updated through Apple to 10.5.1 and was good to go. Everything works including sleep/wake.
  7. O.K. This is what I got so far. ToH release installed and followed instructions to fix boot. Diskutil to repair permissions. Change to the latest kernel found on irc... Up and running great. Still need to find a video driver for my XFX 7600GS that works. Haven't tried audio yet. Any help on those would be great.
  8. Been trying for about a week to get Leopard working. No luck yet.