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  1. So it turns out that no steps were needed other than making sure that the Apple ID is typed in lowercase. Any uppercase letters in the Apple ID produces an error in the console that says the account doesn't exist. Strangest issue ever so far for me and a little annoying as I always type my email address beginning with a capital letter Reported it as a bug too
  2. So I've now decided to remove Mavericks and load Yosemite onto my bigger SSD. Turns out I now have the same problem again. I don't want to have to keep resetting my password, because it won't let me change it back to an older one again I don't understand how nobody else is having this problem Resetting my password hasn't worked this time I have a WiFi/Bluetooth card coming, will try and re-load with that and see what happens. The error logs tell me that my account doesn't exist, yet it signs me in (just not fully) also, my account works on my Mavericks/iPad perfectly fine. Not sure what is going on and what actually fixed it the last time. Might try calling apple and see if they will help me, seeing as though it is a beta OS I doubt it. --EDIT-- Just signed out and then back in again after the hundredth time and all of a sudden it has decided to work, no idea why :S
  3. KibosJB

    Imessage and facetime Public Beta 2

    All fixed reset my iCloud password and it is working now. Also I was having weird corruption in iMessage General tab, but that has now disappeared too.
  4. Changing my password appears to have solved the issue, it did take a little while after changing my password for it to kick in and work though.. Thanks Hopefully this works for you too ru1sous4
  5. Re-installed Yosemite and still having the same problem When signing in, this is what I get in the console:
  6. Could be the same issue as this thread: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/300375-cant-install-black-screen/ Try setting nv_disable=1 in clover, install, then remove the flag
  7. KibosJB

    Can't install - black screen

    Set nv_disable=1 in clover and installed, once booted I removed the flag and acceleration and display works fine. Strange that it works when installed but not during the installer :S Thanks a lot for this
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    I have a USB Bluetooth adapter that fits all of the requirements, but still doesn't allow me to enable handoff/continuity. So I have given up and ordered a mini-pcie to pcie adapter with Apple Broadcom wifi/Bluetooth adapter and going to give that a go.
  9. Tried that, same thing. I then tried deleting the caches and repairing permissions on / and now the drive is unbootable, keeps telling me that it is waiting for the root device, not sure how that happened but I'm just going to have to reload. Will post my findings here after reloading tonight.
  10. KibosJB

    Imessage and facetime Public Beta 2

    I did try logging in and out of icloud, logging out logs me out and then logging back in produces the same "error" again. I have deleted the network interface settings and rebooted and that doesn't fix anything and unfortunately re-creating the caches and repairing permissions has made the install unbootable, tells me it is contantly waiting for the root device, don't know what has happened there Going to try a reinstall tonight and see if I can get this sorted I'll post my finding in the other thread.
  11. I have the same issue going to try a re-install and see what happens, will let you know if that works. I did notice that when installing the ethernet kext wasn't injected the first time for some reason, so could have something to do with that.
  12. KibosJB

    Imessage and facetime Public Beta 2

    Just like to update.... I have completed the process, transplanted the values from my working MacBook and it works iMessage is now working. Thank you soo much I still have the problem in this thread: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/300503-icloud-not-working-verify-the-apple-id-password-for Going to try a re-install and see what happens
  13. KibosJB

    Imessage and facetime Public Beta 2

    Super speedy response, thank you so much!! I'll give this a try and see if I can get everything working and report back.
  14. KibosJB

    Imessage and facetime Public Beta 2

    Thanks for this I'll give this a go this weekend and see what happens, I suppose as much as it says it has been tried on other machines and not been banned, surely these values WILL be banned eventually :S It's such a shame that Apple can't "secretly" allow us to use their ecosystem and just provide us with "secret" values but not advertise it How do I extract this information from an already working Mac? I have a MacBook Pro so can I extract it from there and use those values? I'm fairly new to all of this, but have managed to get Mavericks on 3 PCs working perfectly, the ONLY issue I have EVER had is with Messages and Facetime.
  15. KibosJB

    Imessage and facetime Public Beta 2

    Clover is an exact copy from the mavericks EFI folder (plus the kexts needed to get Yosemite working), the SMBIOS is exactly the same, which is why I was confused that it wasn't working