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  1. @drturner Some people have had issues with slowness. Odd though, and kudos for having the patience for waiting an hour with a 2.0, I went out and bought a 3.0 just because of this forum and it's been great. Anywho, It may be worth a try to use an external hard drive and see if you can install it from that and see if it a faster install time would help.
  2. @minimojoman To get it to boot directly, its best to download and install clover configure, open up the config and set it up through that. There are threads that explains it. Boot w/out cache and injected kext when you made a change, like installing a kext/whatever. For sound, try reinstalling it. The kext not being installed properly can happen, you can download kextdrop or whatever kext installing utility to reinstall those that are coming up, reboot without cache and injected kext and see if that works.
  3. @minimojoman Edimax EW7811UN is the preferred choice, but anything Mac compatible or that has a driver will work. Google search to make sure your model has at least a driver available.
  4. (surfaceosx2) Interesting little thing I have seemed to notice. Has anybody had an issue with their wifi WITHOUT an sd card inserted? For some reason, my wifi is much, much slower without one in. When I put it in, its back to normal. Not sure why, its not like my wifi signal strength was any different.
  5. @Dahnark The latest trial driver calibrates the pen to allow it to work fairly well. However, it does not support pressure sensitivity and the eraser function. Fortunately, the latest drivers are for sale, and can be bought cheaper as a group. Right now they are 2 short to have a group of ten, which would run you 60 bucks for the final driver. @cs4602 You may not like to hear it, but the way I fixed my slow issue was completely reinstalling the OS and being careful with installing the audio patch and others. The last time I accidentally used the SP1 patch instead of 2, causing major slowness. Just food for thought.
  6. @uhoh It kills me to think VLC isnt the best anymore, I practically grew up with it lol. Ill give it a shot, I might throw it on my PS3 and see how Showtime runs it BTW, the newest Android OS came out a few days ago. I'm going to give it a whirl tonight, see if it installs fine from the android guide on this forum.
  7. @jahstories Thanks, maybe it's just the show I was using. Who knows.
  8. Can anybody confirm that video players (such as VLC or Quicktime) is laggy for SP1/2?
  9. SP2 fix for minidisplay as well? Nevermind, just looked at the bug sheet. I'm more interested in installing a lighter weight Ubuntu based spin, but the clover config setup is throwing me through loops to get it to properly boot.
  10. @brynrsr Good! If you are interested in having bluetooth, you can buy a little bluetooth thumbdrive. Not ideal, but they hold you over until somebody figures it out.
  11. @brynrsr Sound, yes. Bluetooth still has not been fixed. Check Macspike's method for sound.
  12. @StefanoMacOSX & Who all have a problem with their system freezing when the wifi is pulled out. @Akzidenz posted this (#683) to take a look at this for this issue. More info go to #670-#685. https://github.com/quen/usbpower
  13. @Motawa Kind of a personal preference thing, I'd rather have it on a table. @HoodedRobin Use the clover included in the files, start the process over and put it all together to a t. It's a very good guide. @StefanoMacOSX This is a common issue for a lot of people, there is a post on this forum that talks about USB that fixes the issue.
  14. @mlavio829 Install the most recent driver. Go to utilities and click the calibration icon.
  15. Im assuming you are going to at least need something connected via usb. Are you using something usb or bluetooth? @brynrsr I had this issue too, I remember it specifically that it was looking for the root image. I reinstalled the OS after that I believe, but my memory is awful lol.