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  1. Hello all, I've not been on here for a while due to college work, but am currently using OSX on my 311 again. Thanks a lot to Lemaurien and the developers for all the progress you've made on the retail pack! I'm currently having some serious, and irritating, issues with my wireless. I bought an atheros ar928 (which reports as such in system profiler). Though it worked for a long time back home without any problems, since I've been using it at my unviersity, I find the connection occasionally dropping out (the wireless signal indicator goes from a connected black to a searching bar). Once this happens there is nothing I can do to get the signal back apart from putting the machine to sleep and waking it up again. Turning airport off and on, or just waiting, shows no wireless networks (despite me being right next to my base station) and even putting the machine to sleep often leads to the problem re-occurring within 10 seconds. I have found that, while the connection may drop out at any point, it almost *always* does so when I am downloading a file and transferring a lot of date. I have tried everything I can think of (limiting my bandwidth from 3 Megabytes to 500 kilobytes; changing the MTU to smaller values; deleting wireless settings and using the -v -f flags) but still can't work it out. Has anyone experienced this issue themselves or know a way to solve it? It's not the absolute end of the world, but being unable to even download system updates or stream video without my connection dropping out until a restart is really starting to annoy me. Thanks in advance for any help guys.
  2. You can get a copy by google voodoops2controller. From what I remember you do have to delete acpi2nub, but it doesn't seem worth it from what I've personally experienced and others have stated. The trackpad/touchpad driver doesn't work, so the voodoo kext falls back to a mouse driver (which is the same situation as the current retail pack). In addition, others before me have reported that the voodoo driver adds a fair bit of instability, so more kernel panics are likely.
  3. HP mini 5101 to 10.6.2

    Chances are you haven't made any errors. Keep in mind that apple only makes drivers for devices a real mac will interact with. Aside from USB then, they basically only make drivers for components that are on macs. Most hackintosh folk thus try to buy hardware that either matches or is similar too a real mac. For trackpad and keyboard, try (use a usb keyboard and mouse) installing vooodoops2controller. It's a driver made by osx86 developers and usually gives basic functionality to most laptops. Google voodoops2controller As for all the other things, from what I gather it is either very flaky or impossible. Wifi doesn't work, period. You will need to swap out the old wifi card to just be happy with a USB stick. Ethernet may work but not very reliably. Audio apparently has recently been activated, google voodooHDA. Sleep doesn't work http://myhpmini.com/forum/mac-os-x-compati...-10--t1852.html ; this is a little out of date with audio and ethernet, but still. There is also a guide and set of kexts (albeit 10.5 kexts which may not work on SL) on that website, which you could have found if you had just googled 'hp mini 5101 mac'. It was the first link. If you had tried the above and it didn't work I'm sorry for being presumptuous, but otherwise it is a bit rude of you to just start a thread asking you for help. I would understand if a simple google search threw up a huge number of complicated results but a link that says "Leopard on the HP mini 5101" really doesn't need another forum post, does it?
  4. Best netbook for Snow Leopard

    That's the same thing. They have a very complicated numbering system (it might have a model number like 1010sa or 1020se etc after too). the 311c is the model I bought.
  5. Just a quick comment on HDMI audio, I don't think it'll happen on our 311s, at least not for a long time. From the guide on how he did it, the guy who came up with the fix said that it requires onboard sound on the graphics card. From what I gather the 9400m's hdmi audio only passes the regular audio through, which means someone will have to write drivers from scratch (I believe all hdmi capable macs use graphics cards with onboard sound, so there is no existing kext we can sneak into with dsdt.
  6. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests PART II

    No worries. Well that went well. After removing the ps/2 mouse plugin on voodoops2 (so it wouldn't revert back to it, gives you an instant indicator of whether the kext works as the touchpad won't work otherwise) I can confirm that both the normal voodootrackpad and the modified one don't seem to play with the 311. If anyone with any familiarity with kexts wants to take a look at the trackpad's plists and see if there is something simple we can do (like add a device id or somesuch) please do so. Otherwise, I've asked on the voodooprojects forums whether anyone there has an idea of what we can do. p.s. Is there a reason why the darwin project here have decided on using the Apple kexts for keyboard and mouse over the voodoo ones? Is it a stability issue or just Apple purity?
  7. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests PART II

    Cobus, not being funny or anything but can't you just switch the machine off physically? It won't do any harm as at the chameleon stage nothing on the hard drive is being written to. Back on the trackpad, http://forum.voodooprojects.org/index.php/...52.html#msg2352 This link (you need to login to see the attached kext) seems to have a modified version of voodoo ps2 controller that seems to work with most other netbooks and laptops' ALPS pads. I will give it a go shortly and see whether it does for us.
  8. Best netbook for Snow Leopard

    No. In all honesty I haven't found a netbook that works fully out of the box that isn't a little bit dated. The 311 is excellently priced and can be overclocked fairly easily, and upgrading the wireless card is extremely simple (as easy as upgrading the ram, just pop off the bottom and switch the card out. You can buy the equivalent of the apple airport extreme card for £10 on ebay if you don't care about bluetooth. Check the forums for a list of compatible cards. In any other case, http://www.mymacnetbook.com/compatibility-chart/ that compatibility chart isn't 100% up to date in all respects, but is a good starting point.
  9. Flash 10.1 - The real deal?

    Just a quick note I'd share. I had a look back at the blog post announcing the 'gala' (now present in the general release of 10.1) version of flash. In the discussions, it mentioned a couple of fairly important points. 1) h/w acceleration will not apply to videos UNDER 480p. This includes some videos rated at 480p apparently, due to fudging of resolution 2) h/w acceleration will not apply to 'poorly encoded' video content. This applies to many youtube videos which have been made in programs that do not respect certain properties ( properties that are almost wholly irrelevant to anything toher than flash, itseems) 3) h/w acceleration does not apply to interlaced content. This includes sites like bbc iplayer, and a number of tv-streaming websites which do not adjust the television stream and de-interlace it. Apparently the reasoning for all this is that apple and adobe's prime goal with hardware acceleration was power consumption. As the gpu cannot ramp up and down as effectivley as the cpu, and as for most 480p video it is more efficient to use the cpu, this explains why they did so. Interlacing and poorly encoded videos seems to just be laziness on adobe's part, as from the post it sounds like their software decoding software is developed separately from their hardware decoders, and they couldn't be bothered to implement the error correction / deinterlacing features. All in all this isn't much consolation for 311 owners (as it's generally not power consumption but controlling cpu usage that we care about) but that's what appears to be the situation. This is all from a flash dev's post on GALA. They may well have changed it (and, more importantly for us, we may be able to change it through settings in the flash folder. Someone with more knowledge of plist manipulation and the like might want to take a look. Blogpost : http://blog.kaourantin.net/?p=89 Edit: 2 Further points for people who are having flash performance woes. i) Try skipping the whole issue. It's not a lovely solution, but if you watch a lot on youtube, enter the html5 beta and install a chrome/firefox/safari extension that tries to find h264 alternatives of the file (works on youtube and a number of other sites). Flashblock for safari has an option to do this automatically ii) Use safari. For whatever reason I have actually found this to be less (perceptively) laggy on my 311 than chrome (scrolling always remains smooth even when under load, for example), whereas the opposite was the case on my macbook. Also with specific regard to flash, adobe have stated that the hardware optimisations and tweaks that apple have allowed them to make only work for the cocoa (i.e. safari) version of flash. Opera and Firefox use the unoptimized version, and I would imagine chrome does so too.
  10. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests PART II

    Well I have no idea really. It seems that arbitrarily taking another ALPS kext on other netbooks didn't work (I think someone tried using a dell mini's on another netbook and it failed completely). A possible starting point is to pick a known compatible windows driver. The 311 forums on myhpmini.com mention a certain toshiba model, and a number of other ones from memory, that are all suggested (the idea being to replace the atrocious hp implementation of ALPS with the better / more usable toshiba ones). I would have thought that, if there is another laptop/netbook whose ALPS drivers on windows work with the 311, then its corresponding mac kext (if there is one) could work for us. Will have to look into this later (sorry for not linking to any forum posts from myhymini either) as I have to head out. Will pick this up as and when.
  11. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests PART II

    Hope you enjoyed your holiday Mosslack! As far as I've read there doesn't seem to be much going on 311 specifically. Lemaurien19 is making a new package though I'm not sure what's in it that's different from HF6RC4, i'm sure she'll tell. Perhaps RC5 of chameleon? I was going to ask if anyone knew what became of the touchpad kext project? From what I've read, it fizzled out being able to do little more than track, not even click. Can we not simply pinch another ALPS' netbook's kext and add the 311's device strings to it?
  12. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests PART II

    @Jafd: I have never had hibernation work for myself though I've never used anything pre-HF4. To be honest when I used a macbook I always turned it off as it tended to cause problems and slowdowns on resume. Not really experimented with the external display functionality so can't comment Trackpad: I actually found this thing to be worse in touchpad mode on windows, with drivers. It's not brilliant but how long have you had it? I have adjusted to typing on mine and rarely touch the trackpad just from my hand positioning. That said it's not ideal, from scrolling through these discussions it looked like there was an attempt made at a working touchpad kext for the 311, but it doesn't seem to have gotten anywhere. The battery life is something I partly share with you. I only really need 1-1.5 hours battery life continuously in all honesty, and I tend to get far more than that (2.5-3 depending on brightness), but it's still not brilliant. Are you overclocking your machine at all? If you have ramped up the voltage to get more stability that can be a huge drain on atom systems.
  13. You might be able to but it'll be a bit tricky from what I can gather. The CPU is not an SSE3 cpu, so you will need to modify the installation a bit, and won't be able to run power-pc apps. You will almost certainly need more ram than 512mb for day-to-day activity. You will need a new wireless card I *think*. They cost about 10-15 euros. Someone else will chime in, but it does look do-able.
  14. I want to learn more about Chameleon

    To be honest I think a lot of people would appreciate a guide that walks them through a bit more. As the linked to resources say, there are a 'bazillion' guides on how to install osx86, but very few that explain what is going on. As someone who left the whole osx86 scene shortly after 10.5 was released (originally using the developer-pc disk image and then moving onto mbr hacked kernels and all of it) I don't really understand what is going on with the modern state of the project. For example, while I get that kexts are the analogues of drivers, I don't understand how people using DSDTs seemingly don't need kexts, what the difference is between putting kexts in the OSX partition versus a folder on the EFI partition, and various other bits and pieces. I do think that a from here-to-there summary of how the project has evolved and how it works, not how to get it working, would allow a lot of beginners to self-help and self-diagnose better. At the moment, I think it is very tempting for individuals like myself to follow step by step walkthrough without really understanding anything, and then just ask in the forums to be hand-held through any troubleshooting. Teaching myself seems particularly daunting as there is so much that has changed from when I left, and understanding any one development tends to involve understanding lots of others. I'm certainly not demanding or expecting such a guide to be written, but it would really be helpful to people starting out.
  15. Best netbook for Snow Leopard

    The Compaq/HP mini 311 is extremely compatible. Out of the box (I define this as installing with a vanilla dvd and installing a single, wonderful installer that handles all this EFI and boot hoo-hah, look at the HP/Compaq subforum here) , everything except the wireless works, including the 9400m graphics card. You can get one for about £240 on amazon, though it only comes with 1gb ram (1 slot, upgradable to 4gb). It overclocks quite well too, most people take it from the stock 1.6ghz to at least 1.8, and speeds upto 2.2 aren't unheard of. The only real issue is that audio out doesn't work on HDMI, and that the touchpad only works as a ps2 mouse (scrolling using the sidebar still works though). I got one to replace my macbook and I'm very happy with it.