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  1. 6GB Gtx 780, studdering graphics

    Also tried that, doesn't help
  2. 6GB Gtx 780, studdering graphics

    Doesent help, any other ideas?
  3. 6GB Gtx 780, studdering graphics

    okay i will try nvda_drv=1 without nv_disable=0 i get a black screen
  4. 6GB Gtx 780, studdering graphics

  5. So i have: Gigabyte Z87N WIFI GTX 780 6GB from EVGA i5 4670k With integrated gfx all works well, audio sound etc, when using the GTX 780 i have installed the nvidia web drivers and cud drivers but i have to boot with nv_disable=0 or else i get a black screen, when i use that flag all works BUT there is extreme studder/lag and my resolution is stuck at an odd one with no other options, any ideas?? Help much appreciated, thanks!
  6. Sabertooth 990FX and FX 8350 where to start

    49 views no replies? I just need some info please
  7. Any ideas where to start? i also have a GTX 780 6GB from EVGA 8GB RAM Id like to have mavericks or yosemite lol but I'm ok with mountian lion or lower if it works. Thanks!
  8. Is it possible for me to install 10.10 on a USB SSD, boot up etc, then install clover on it and add the necessary kexts and then boot it on my pc? if not any recommendations for my system configuration? regret choosing AMD.... AMD fx8350 Sabertooth 990fx Thanks