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  1. [KEXT] CMI8738 Kext for 64bit OSX Lion

    It works for me except 5.1 doesn't work. I can get Left, Right, Back Left, Back Right and Sub to work but not center channel. Also it shows up as Stereo in when I got to configure speakers in the audio/midi setup . 5.1 is greyed out
  2. Got sound working but still have occasional crackle (somewhat better with crackle fix) when music is loud. Also, was only able to get all my speakers working when making a multi-device in midi/sound setup. Aggregate didn't work.
  3. Start Mac without USB Stick?

    You need to install a bootloader to handle it. Something like Chimera. The myHack Installer works well and will do this for you. You can find it at http://myhack.sojugarden.com/downloads/
  4. Hey, anyone have any success getting this audio chipset (Via 1708S) to work in Lion? I have tried the VIAHD.kext, VoodooHDA.kext, modified VoodooHDA but still nothing. My motherboard is an AsRock P43DE. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Hey all, I was able to install 10.7.2 successfully to my AsRock P43DE w/ Core2Duo using tseug method via bootable USB and adding NullCPUPowerManagement.kext to eliminate the HPET CPU Table error. Everything is working, GTS 460 with Dual DVI and dual monitors, Realtek gigabit nic, etc. The only thing that isn't working is my sound which is a Via VT1708S Chipset. When trying to use an original VoodooHDA or a hacked VoodooHDA made specifically for that chipset (I even added my device id) I would receive a kernel panic until I removed AppleHDA.kext. When removing the AppleHDA.kext I can boot but I still don't have any sound. Also tried the ViaHD.kext and same issue, no sound. Has anyone had any success with the ViaHD VT1708S chipset and getting it to work in 10.7? I would love to have my sound working and get a fully functional rig. Thanks!
  6. What do you recommend I use instead of Titan? Natit? Nvidia Mobility? NvidiaEFI?
  7. I chose the SSE3 kernel from March 26-07, no speedstep patch, or core2duo patches or acpi patches. I enabled NX, speedstep in the BIOS (even though I didn't choose the speedstep kernel, I was just testing things) and enabled both cores. I chose titan for the nvidia driver. I installed with cpus=1, and on first boot I booted with cpus=1 so I could setup the network and all the post installation stuff. After that I rebooted with cpus=2 fsb=166 fn=1 -v and put the system to sleep and woke it back up and both cores were functional. I will try later today with the speedstep, 64bit kernel from May 11 to see if that works as I never tried the newest kernel when having nx enabled. I tried it before with both cores and speedstep and nx disabled and it didn't work... i wonder if nx is the key here?
  8. I got sleep/resume S3 functioning w/ 10.4.9 Uphuck 1.3 which is allowing both cores to work for me on my E1705 using Titan nvidia driver. I enabled NX, speedstep, and dual cores in the BIOS (i have a08), and I am using the SSE3-1 kernel that doesn't have speedstep enabled. Without enabling NX or speedstep in the BIOS I couldn't properly resume from sleep. I have a E1705 T7200 w/ 7900GS FYI.
  9. Where can I get this paulicat kernel from? I have been looking for it but have been unable to locate it. Thanks. E1705 user here.
  10. These processors are 64 bit capable (EM64T). If you plan to use linux, you should use the x64 kernel.
  11. Anyone else have problems loading scripts/plugins with this version? No matter what script i try to load I get an error. Even the scripts/plugins included with the release. Has anyone else tried any plugins/scripts out? [19:49] dlopen(/Applications/Xchat-Aqua/Plugins/xsys-2.0.5.so, 10): Symbol not found: _xchat_hook_command [19:49] Referenced from: /Applications/Xchat-Aqua/Plugins/xsys-2.0.5.so [19:49] Expected in: flat namespace [19:51] dlopen(/Applications/Xchat-Aqua/Plugins/perl.so, 10): Symbol not found: _xchat_list_int [19:51] Referenced from: /Applications/Xchat-Aqua/Plugins/perl.so [19:51] Expected in: flat namespace [19:51] dlopen(/Applications/Xchat-Aqua/Plugins/python.so, 10): Symbol not found: _xchat_find_context [19:51] Referenced from: /Applications/Xchat-Aqua/Plugins/python.so [19:51] Expected in: flat namespace [19:52] dlopen(/Applications/Xchat-Aqua/Plugins/python.so, 10): Symbol not found: _xchat_find_context [19:52] Referenced from: /Applications/Xchat-Aqua/Plugins/python.so [19:52] Expected in: flat namespace [19:52] dlopen(/Applications/Xchat-Aqua/Plugins/xfish.so, 10): Symbol not found: _xchat_hook_print [19:52] Referenced from: /Applications/Xchat-Aqua/Plugins/xfish.so [19:52] Expected in: flat namespace
  12. Link is dead, can someone host it or repost?