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  1. clownberg

    Macdrive 7 preview/final

    Macdrive 7 Beta 2 is now available for download -- use serial to extend to March 12 , 2007: http://www.mediafour.com/support/beta/md7-b1.asp
  2. the 10.4.9 update did not work for me-the computer just reboots-oh well
  3. clownberg

    ATI x300

    I've tried neo and callisto to get the ATI x300 to work.Anyone else have any other solutions.I might have to get new Gfx card.Which higher end ATI and Nvidia Gfx cards work 100 % with 10.4.8. - 8.8.1 kernel ?
  4. clownberg

    VLC won't start up

    console gives me this error: [00000032] main access error: no access2 module matched "file" [00000031] main input error: no suitable access module for `file/xspf-open:///Users/clownberg/Library/Preferences/VLC/ml.xsp' [00000036] main interface error: no interface module matched "hotkeys,none" [00000036] main interface error: no suitable interface module [00000001] main libvlc error: interface "hotkeys,none" initialization failed I've tried variuos nightly builds and repairing permissions-nothing works-Any ideas ?
  5. I've had it installed for a couple of days now
  6. clownberg

    Universal Requests?

    Any chance of a universal binary of irecord 4 by Ammesset Software ?
  7. clownberg

    vlc not working

    I have updated to 10.4.8.Vlc plays movie but there is no video output.Which frameworks should I replace.
  8. clownberg

    10.4.8 Kiko Combo RC2

    I got it working-seems to be o.k. Thanks I guess-hahaha
  9. clownberg

    10.4.8 Kiko Combo RC2

    doesn't work for me-broke my 10.4.7 installation-I booted in -v and all it says is "decoding R2D2" If I boot up normally it goes to starting mac os x with blue screen and the progress line goes all blue and it just stalls.Any ideas.I did the f8 -s mount -uw diskutil repairpermissions / thing.
  10. I just uploaded the torrent to the noid.got it from tka-supposed to be a universal binary-we'll see
  11. clownberg

    Mac OS x 105 pre-release

    I'm downloading it right now-could be a fake but I don't think it is.Even if it is real I don't know if I will be able to run it on my dell. I guess I would use the decrypted files from maxxuss and use the old kernel to try and run it.
  12. clownberg

    Gizmo Project - Free PC-Phone Calls!

    it's 1c/min to make a call out to a landline or mobile phone-Skype charges nothing for call outs in u.s. until december.I'll stick with skype
  13. starts up in 4 seconds flat-rendering is also very fast.
  14. It works really really fast on inte Mac os x86.attaches is a screenshot: