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  1. No Wireless 10.5.6

    Anyone else run into issues with atheroes chip's after the 10.5.6 updates. I've tried everything, 2 cards a dwa-542 which isusally working OOB and a DWL-G520 which requires a modified kext. It seems that the airportatheroes from older versions are causing a kerenl panic. Ive tried multiple distros and even upgrading my current install.
  2. Atheros WiFi 10.5.6 kernal help please

    Drwhosc, have you had any luck yet?
  3. Atheros WiFi 10.5.6 kernal help please

    im having silmilar problems with my dwl-g520, please keep us updated if you find a fix.
  4. Im going to try building a new AMD platform osx86 and got a really good deal on a XFX GeForce 8200 motherboard (nForce® 8200) (MI-A78S-8209). Has anyone had any experiences working with these? I have not been able to find anything with extensive searching.
  5. I found a pretty good deal on a well known auction site.the deal is a Phenom x4 9600 2.30 GHz CPU Quad-Core (4 x 2.30GHz) Processor + ECS GeForce6100PM-M2. i know the phenom's are not nearly has fast as the quad core intel's but i think the price may make up for it. has anyone had good luck with these on a hackintosh? Any special instructions?
  6. Broadcom 4311 and Leopard

    I've tried this with no luck. My device ids are right with the original io80211.kext. I cant seem to find networkinterfaces.plist. My adapter is set to en1 so would even touching that matter? Im using a dell true mobile 1490. Any help would be much appreciated.
  7. Speedstep on Leopard?

    i found the problem. seems the ACPICPUThrottle.kext is not being loaded on startup. if i load it manually everything is fine. how do i get this to stick?
  8. Speedstep on Leopard?

    Everything seemed to work but the speed step app wont load. I tried a few times. How can i view the logs for app?
  9. ALC883

    Have you tried selecting different sources in the pref pane? Did you install the 3 channel or 6?
  10. I had the same problem. I tried about 5 times to install and never got past this. Only solution i found was to install tiger first.
  11. Osx86 TV

    Anyone have any luck getting TV input working on a Hackintosh? Ive been trying a few things but no luck so far.
  12. Tested 100% Compatible Mobo+CPU? CHEAP!

    Asus p5ld2-vm is probably your best bet. Any 775 chip will work for you.
  13. Anyone accomplished this? Im trying to transfer my working install to a new SATA drive without losing everything.
  14. Front Enabler Back Online

    hopefully we will see a update sometime in that case.
  15. Post Results! http://www.andrewescobar.com/archive/2006/...highly-suspect/