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  1. I'will be very grateful if someone could spare a few minutes to listen to my problem. Well I used to install OS X to a virtual machine. But I decided to install Mavericks to my physical computer. Since I have no available USB stick, I decided to launch the installation from the hard disk. My computer is a customed Windows 7 PC and here is the list of my hard ware: CPU: Intel i5-2300 Sandybridge@2.9GHz Motherboard: Gigabyte HA65M-d2h-B3(rev 1.0) (HA65M does not mean that the chipset is h65, actually this motherboard has a h61 chipset) Graphics: nVdia 9600 GT, 512M GDDR3 cache RAM: 4GB ADATA DDR3 1333(Single Channel) HD: Seagate Barracuda 12 500GB ,16 MB cache(MBR partition table,ahci enabled in bios) No optical drives Input device: PS2 keyboard and Logitech Wireless Trackball Nothing exotic,huh? I installed chemelon 2.2 svn 2281 through windows installer and I dumped mavericks installation disk into a logical drive. Then I deleted amd kexts ,added fakeSMC(2.5) ,NullCPUPowerManagement, PS2kexts ,patched mbr patch and rebooted to chameleon. NO DSDTS WERE USED(Will this be the point?). Chameleon booted successfully and the partition I dumped was found by chameleon.So I selected the partition and entered with -v -f . Chameleon loaded all the files then this occurred: Then the machine stopped running and stayed there,doing nothing. The HDD indication lights were not flashing also. I wondered if it was my graphics card's fault so I tried Graphics Enabler and UseNvdiaROM (I did extracted the rom needed with Lavalys Everest and put it to the Extras folder) however the same error occured. The message on the screen was EXACTLY the same, yes, EXACTLY.And this didn't change even after I removed PCI-E graphics and started to use the built-in HD2000. By the way, adding -x was not useful too. I did a few researches on the Internet however I didn't find much useful. According to my understanding, other guys might see this when they boot into their hacintosh but this don't stop them booting into their OS(In other words, it is a harmless message). My friends suggested me turn off VT and I turned it off but the goddamn error still exists! Later I deleted Applekeystore.kext and the computer stopped at that screen as usual,the only thing changed is that the message "Applekeystore Starting" was gone. Am I alone? Is there anyone having the same problem or knowing the solution? p.s: i don't have an existed OS X on my computer. And I was quite curious about the guides in which an existed OS X is needed. Why do I need to install mac on my PC if I have a mac installed? --------------------------------------------------- the later story: -v npci=0x2000 useless