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  1. Ok, Well now my old dell laptop seems to be working ok (without wifi) Im going to try and instal some kind of osx system on my Very old shuttle SB61G2. If I can get that to work then taking your advice I won't use the laptop I will use the Shuttle. Makes a better server anyway How is everyone else's systems doing?
  2. Sorry didn't reply sooner, the weather here blew my dish out of line so not had very good internet for the last week or so yeah my dell 1720 Is running ok, Still a little laggy at times (as in will randomly freeze then start working again) I was now thinking of tuning mine into a OSX server? Anybody tried this with a Laptop?
  3. I've just started again with a fresh install also made a new copy of the Instal USB, I've left everything in the bios at defaults, had to boot with flags -v -f -x and its booted straight away. one thing I couldn't do was get anything to happen on my screen after -v text without first plugging in a USB keyboard and mouse. for some reason although my trackpad and built in keyboard was working fine, OSX didn't think it had any input devices and kept asking for me to connect my bluetooth mouse and keyboard. I booted again without my USB bluetooth stick and it just froze at a grey screen for 10 mins after going through the -v mode without any obvious faults. Anyway after trying this with a standard keyboard and mouse plugged in, it went straight onto the install screen after displaying verbose text. not sure why mine is doing this and not sure if this could be a problem for anyone else and might be a reason why some can't get any further?
  4. Well booted into windows and the card was detected and works perfect, Listerning to Kisstory player as we speak with no problems. I think Im going to start again. I've played around so much with my kext files I've prob messed something up. Lucky I've got another 500gb drive, Can use this so I don't have to touch my current instal as this dose work (just not perfect) I will also take notes as I'm doing this so I can maybe give Phiber some more tips on how to get it running. Should Any Apple branded card work? £4 from ebay! Can't go wrong lol http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Apple-Macbook-Pro-A1226-Genuine-WiFi-Airport-Extreme-Wireless-Card-607-0369-A-/331116554310?pt=UK_Computing_Other_Computing_Networking&hash=item4d1815a846
  5. Well, I stole my girlfriends iMac airport card and guess what still doesn't work! I put back my backup IO80211Family.kext using the wizard and still nothing. I'm starting to think the WIFI is against me lol.
  6. I've got a small pile of wireless cards here, none of them work lol. got 2 bcm94's an intel WM39 and a official Apple one. no its fine I'm In the Uk so postage would be a little steep I would think, Thanks for the offer tho
  7. @Xangel - The card I have is an AR5BX86, I don't know if it works as tried booting into Win7 with it installed it doesn't detect it either. Used that kext you posted, with my BCM card, Detects and can connect to an unlocked network only. I think I've read about this problem somewhere on google already. might be quicker for me to go steal the WIFI card from my girlfriends iMac @phiber - Well with me I thought the problem I was having was with my Ram module as after I played with this it worked. I followed the guide as is written but I had to boot with flags -v -f -x, Disabled Virt in bios. Left Speedstep and Dynamic accelertion enabled. Sorry I can't be of anymore help but I didn't really know what I was doing half the time. one thing I did have to do was reinstall Chameleon boot loader as I couldn't get to the screen to put in boot flags (-v -f etc) Is anybody else's a little laggy at times? as it it seems to take a while to open things for the first time? Please tell me if Im just been fussy
  8. Mine is now working apart from the wifi, I've got the Broadcom BCM94312MCG. I did try to use an airport card I pulled from a faulty Mac mini I brought but it doesn't detect this either. going to try and find some kext files to get this card working Great guide Xangel, If it can guide me Im sure everyone can use it! lol
  9. Well I've managed to get it to boot, Took me some time but I think it was my stupid fault (again) on my Mavericks drive I hadn't installed the Fakesmc after doing this I got it to boot If I remove this it stops booting again, although once its up and running I get a warning saying the fakesmc.kext cannot be used. My Built in keyboard, touchpad, wifi and sound don't work, graphics are fine, and cpu running at full speed. these I can hopefully sort out over time. I think Im going to make a Clone of this drive before I continue to mess around with it as I know this boots (kind of) Thanks for all your help! Slowly getting there with this old laptop and Im learning ALOT
  10. Well I got past the instal, The last minute took about another hour lol. Im now freezing just after bluetooth warnings in -v I've not finished trying different setups and options but I'm starting to run out. I'm hoping i didn't make the mistake by using my running copy of mavericks on my MacPro to complete the steps in Post instal? on an slightly unrelated note, When installing mavericks did you have to plug in a USB keyboard and mouse? My touchpad and keyboard on the laptop was working perfect but Mavericks wouldn't allow me to continue with setup without detecting a mouse and keyboard.
  11. I bet Its on its last legs, the laptop is kinda old now and its had some heavy use. Its a little like triggers broom. I've replaced the Screen, CPU, GPU (Was8400m) and its had countless Drives. Its been to America twice, Spain once and seen most of England oh and its been sat on, hence the replacement screen. I will purchase a new stick before it dies, I think 2gb is pennies from Ebay anyway. I was wondering If it could have been something like that so I have been over the guide a tonne of times too, checking and double checking all the files to make sure I hadn't done anything silly. I ended up using a 60gb drive to make the installer as writing data to that was a lot quicker than the Cruzer blade I was using before. I've got "Less Than A Minute" now anyway
  12. Well I've managed to get it to start installing now Using Xangel's Guide without any alterations. Its still going as we speak. taken about 2 hours so far! It said 21min at the start. I assume these are Microsoft minutes and not your standard minute. Inspired by Mirko's comment on the Ram I thought I would try using 2 sticks of Ram I pulled from my Girlfriends 2007 iMac (she's getting really fed up with me now) anyway It didn't work but after putting my ram back and trying it again, Its worked! the only thing I can think of is it wasn't sitting correct in there maybe, Although windows 7 was working perfect when I stuck my Corsair SSD back in to pull my DSDT. Any ideas? lol Thanks again for all your Advice!! I will let you know If I get it running fully
  13. Sorry I should have explained a little better, I have been booting Using the -v at all times as it gives me a little bit of an idea whats going on. After using the Correct DSDT I've managed to get past the verbose output and the Apple logo has appeared + Im getting the Little beach ball spinning, It dose this indefinitely, at first I thought it was totally unresponsive but I then plugged my USB apple keyboard and mouse and I could now move the spinning wheel around the screen but still just stayed at this screen. I did have a little bit more luck this morning, using part of the guide you linked above and Xangle's Guide I've managed to get to the disc utility and format the drive, but When I went to instal It said I needed to Do this Via App store. I had forgot to copy over the Packages File (step 10) I blame talking to my girlfriend lol after copying this file across its freezing at the screen I posted Above.
  14. Thanks for the DSDT Fusion and Mirko, It has helped as I can now get further on but it seems to be freezing at the coloured wheel of death, the 1720 Dose not react to Trackpad or keyboard (but dose if I plug in my Apple USB keyboard and mouse) Tried changing all the relevant Bios settings 1 at a time, including using the -cpus=1 etc but still the same end result. After studying your guide I realised that I've not used all the Kexts you mentioned in (things you will need) not including the extra ones in each package, am I now being dumb here and not doing what would be obvious to someone else? I am Enjoying getting stuck into this and Im hoping that I will retain some of this information so I to can be of use in the future, Although I think my Girlfriend is getting tired of having one-sided conversations
  15. Yes I tried using the 3 different DSDT's available on this thread. I will put my windows Drive back in tonight and try to patch the DSDT myself, If not that I would be very grateful if you had a little look for me. I was just hoping that the ones on here would work (lazy I suppose) using another guide I found somewhere on Google I managed to get the laptop to Disk Utility Before It would freeze up after a random time. I will let you know How I get on Thanks for your time DSDT.AML.zip