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  1. I'm having issues with a hackintosh, it's for video editing and I can't upgrade to mavricks like several fixers are suggesting. Because there are many video editing softwares that will not work well with mavricks yet. The hackintosh is one at a job place. So they need it fixed asap and I was asked to fix it. Motherboard: GA-X79S-UP5-WIFI Graphics card: 03g-p4-2784-kr gtx780 3gd5 Processor: Intel Core i7-3930K Any other parts needed to be known let me know. There are the basic issues of not being able to boot up from the SSD without the USB stick plugged in back.(problem with bootloader?) Also the sound issue which happens in many machines. Also I need to get the gtx780 Graphics card working as well. I read in the motherboard manual that the graphics card could be interfering with sound and the red cinema camera editing program cannot recognize the graphics card etc. Errors pop up. I'm quite new at this and cannot really do much more than follow instructions. Though I am open to learning how to fix the issues myself eventually but frankly at this time there really isn't time to waste since it's not my own personal computer which can stay dead and unused indefinetly. Thanks for all your help. I'm a quick learner. Also please be patient with me if I seem to ask a stupid question. What may seem obvious to you( a seasoned person) may not be so obvious to me at first.