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    change resolution via keyboard?

    first method doesnt work. second method: it boots in 1280x800 for safe mode, and then if i log out and restart, it boots back up in 1280x800 for the log in screen, but soon as i log in, it goes back to the unsupported resolution.
  2. gnomes

    change resolution via keyboard?

    well considering the laptop actually displays the resolution- OS X just doesn't display anything (it only shows the cursor for some reason), even if i started in 1024x768 im not sure it'd fix the problem. i'll try it though.
  3. accidentally selected a resolution my laptop monitor doesn't support. os x didn't seem to care though. i can log in just fine but from there what would the keyboard commands be to change my resolution back to 1280x800?
  4. is there any chance of getting the SD card reader aspect of this working at all?
  5. So I have about 10 gigs of unformatted space I want to merge with my OS X partition, or atleast format it for use under OS X. But DiskUtility wont do that, since its on the boot volume. And Partition Magic can't understand Mac volumes. I tried this thing called VolumeWorks, but for some reason it never lists the disk, but rather a 35 meg disk image file ??? I know the XP "disk part" utility could do it, but chances are I'd eff it up and there is no turning back with that. One typo and I am hooped, possibly losing the entire drive. I've also heard of iPartition, but apparently it can't edit boot volumes either. Boo.
  6. This is really annoying me. I just replaced the IO80211family.kext and whatnot, and nothing changed at all. It still says AirPort not configured whereas before right after the install it just listed a bunch of wireless networks.... Damnit.
  7. When I first booted up my laptop after a fresh install of 10.4.5 (with the Intel update), my wireless was working perfectly. But after a reboot, it isn't detected, only my wired ethernet port. I can't figure this one out. I am using the Intel 940 GML Express chipset, for reference. I've searched the forums and all I can find are references to the Intel update, which was already installed and I assume is why it was working in the first place. ???
  8. i just tried out 10.4.5 with some sort of AMD patch auto installed or whatever. got it off BT. osx ID's my sempron 3000+ (1.8ghz) as 3.0ghz and says i dont have sse3 but i do. it also id's my 128mb radeon 9000 pro as being 256mb :S and im stuck with just mono audio
  9. can't take a screenshot as the computer is booting also i have no prompt for me to enter -v in. i cant even boot the partition now, it just gives me the error "No OS Loaded"
  10. installed 10.4.4 upon reboot i get the apple screen for a good few minutes and then one of those "no" signs comes up in the middle. you know, a circle with a diagnol line through it as in "no smoking" but without the smoke. i dont understand? apparently this dvd image was supposed to be the patched one or something like that.
  11. I need some real help at the moment.. I had XP and OSX duel-booting using the built in Windows bootloader. Then I made a larger AF partition, restored the small 6gig deadmoo partition to it, repaired the permissions and what not. Then after booting into Windows and merging the original 6gig back into a Windows drive and rebooting, if I try and boot up the new, larger OSX drive I get "chain booting error" I tried using BootMagic as well and it just gives me a blank screen.
  12. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SSE2 see the bottom of the page. no sse2 on pentium III's