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  1. I'm wondering, on my eMachines E525, I installed mavericks with chameleon, but I want to update to 10.9.1, but this would probably mess up stuff! Then I heard you could update directly with Clover. Which should I use? Clover or Chameleon for my emachines e525 Edit: I would need one that supports adding more .kexts for extensions, sience I need the toledaARPT.kext to get wireless. http://support.gateway.com/emachines/notebook/2009/emachines/eme/eme525/eme525sp2.shtml <--- Specs
  2. I sucseffully installed OSX Mavericks with Niresh onto my eMachines E525, but, I DONT HAVE AN ETHERNET CORD!!!! How to install drivers for wireless? I can carry them with USB
  3. Sorry, but none of those links helped. I don't have a LINUX PC, plus I don't have a mavericks installer either. The 2nd one would've done it, if it didn't need 2 USB sticks. I'm just getting OSX for virtualbox on the eMachines, unless I get a working guide
  4. I got an OLD eMachines E525 laptop. It, however, can NOT be underestimated. It has handled many OSes on 1 hard drive. It was built for Windows 7 ONLY, But I INSTALLED Windows 8.1 Enterprise + Ubuntu 13.10 and DUAL BOOTED THEM. It has an INTEL CELERON proccessor. Anyways, how do I hackintosh with this? I got a single 8 GB USB Stick. The laptop supports booting from USB's, but not DVDs or CDs. I also got the Mac Snow Leopard 10.6 Retail .iso file, and the Hazard OSX 10.6 .iso, too. I need straightforward instructions, also I DO NOT HAVE ANOTHER MAC PC TO USE!!!