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  1. Essential Windows Programs

    Microsoft Security Essentials Google Chrome Adblock (extension for either chrome or firefox) uTorrent Dropbox Trillian (epic chat client for pretty much everything) WinRar CCleaner Spybot S&D For those that love a sleek/customized GUI: RocketDock Rainmeter Fences I'll add to this as things come to mind.
  2. Apple? NO! "Pear OS" 6

    Wow, this looks pretty slick! If I can't get all my kexts figured out for Mavericks I might have to give this a shot.
  3. Hey guys! This is my first post, so please tolerate my noobishness. I will preface by saying that I've browsed and searched every forum for hours to try and find a solution. Here's my build: Intel i7 4770k (3.5GHz) Ga Z87 OC Mobo EVGA GTX 770 SC w/ACX Cooling 12GB GSkill Sniper 1600Mhz RAM (Waiting on another 4GB stick) Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD (Primary Drive - Running Win7) 1.5TB WD Black - (I have this set up with a 1TB FAT data partition between Windows and OSX + a 500GB partition for OSX) Alright, down to the dirty work.. I have Mavericks loaded with Ethernet and audio working, but graphics is a {censored} shoot. Most of what I've read validates that my card should just work right out the box. I did have to move all the kexts related to intel drivers into a backup folder because it was preventing boot. Here's what I've tried. Nvidia CUDA drivers using pandora's box to load generic nVidia support I have my BIOS set to Init Display First PCI -x -v -f GraphicsEnabler=No GraphicsEnabler=Yes npci=0x3000 npci=0x2000 PCIRootUID=0 PCiRootUID=1 cpus=1 My system does recognize a nvidia card (7mb) but I have no graphics acceleration what-so-ever. I'm so confused.. Anything helps! Thank you in advance