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  1. I hate asking another question but now that I have my DG31PR Quad-Booting Mavericks, 7, 8.1 and Ubuntu 14.04 with the 4k fix and all is great I want to setup another exact same motherboard quad boot and would rather not have to redo the whole thing. Is there a way to clone the working quad-boot to another hard drive and not break the 7 and 8.1 booting as well as Chameleon? I have tried using a program called Macrium Reflect to make an image but after restoring to the new drive Chameleon doesn't come up and 7 and 8.1 give me the black screen of BCD errors in boot and don't boot. Thanks, bman1096
  2. Ok thanks again to everyone because with all the suggestions and maybe me not trying everything together I got it on the DG41RQ by setting the BIOS to Legacy, SATA Only and turning on UEFI and then installing Mavericks with Chameleon EFI as the bootloader options and now it botts to Chameleon and then into Mavericks. I can now finish this quad-boot up and be done after 1+ months of headache after headache. Thanks again to namvan and dcai777. You guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, bman1096
  3. No either way. If I do the F10 and select the hdd it goes to the same black screen and blinking cursor.
  4. Ok first I want to thank everyone for their help on the Gigabyte board. I have it quad-booting UEFI Mavercks, 7, 8.1 and Ubuntu awesome!!! The other rig which is the DG41RQ I am trying to see about getting it to work now that I Enabled UEFI BOOT in the Boot section of the BIOS. I can get Mavericks to install with Clover UEFI and can tweak Clover with the Configurator in Mavericks but when I restart or boot fresh I get past the Intel splash screen and then get a blank screen with a cursor blinking about 2 lines down. No Clover and nothing when I press keys so now what could be the issue? This will complete the setup since I can duplicate the Gigabyte board setup on the DG41RQ if I can get Clover to boot and show. Thanks again and let's complete this thread and I can mark it as Complete and be forever in dcai777 and namvan's debt.
  5. Ok for fun I tried setting the DG41RQ up with UEFI boot enabled and installed Niresh 10.9 with CLover UEFI and now it boots to a blinking cursor black screen but the Intel Boot Error is no more. What could be my issue with not getting Clover to come up?
  6. Ok I will check your settings and mine. The 2nd box has now only 1 issue. I am trying to install Ubuntu 14.04 in UEFI and I can't get a UEFI boot option for it. I have the amd64 iso on both a flash drive and dvd and neither gives me the UEFI boot option from the F12 Boot Menu on the Z77M-D3H Gigabyte board. All other OSes are working. Ok my BIOS is not exactly the same but I have the only boot device is the HDD in Legacy mode and no USB booting enabled so nothing should stop the HDD from booting Chameleon
  7. Thanks I would love to not have to redo the whole system and instead get your BIOS settings that will make it work as is with Chameleon. I will wait for your info.
  8. Ok installed Clover and set to MBR and it installed and then I rebooted and get boot1: error and nothing. Ok little info. I do have a UEFI Boot option in the Boot section of the BIOS that I have set as Disabled. Should I have set this whole thing up with UEFI Enabled and tried Clover? If so I have to start all over again. Let me know if this should be attempted and tomorrow I will start all over again.
  9. I am currently backing the whole system up so I can try Clover. Will post back after I try it which with the setup it says 6 hours to back the whole quad-boot up.
  10. Good question. How do I replace Chameleon with Clover and I will give it a try?
  11. Perfectly with 7 or 8.1. I had used both before this idea with no booting or shutdown issues at all.
  12. I looked through the BIOS and the only place to choose boot device is the Boot section and it only has the HDD and nothing else.
  13. Will try the BIOS check tomorrow. Late here and heading for the night. Will try the booting thing after I check the BIOS.
  14. Ok will try the BIOS looking. Also how do I fix them to my signature? Thanks
  15. My steps are in the attached txt file and my screenshot is attached. Thanks, bman1096 Steps for DG41RQ.txt