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  1. Another question, what's the resolution u guys use with RDM?
  2. Hi I installed successfully OSX on my surface pro 1. Quick question After installing the demo version of Touchbase drivers, I immediately got a message that the driver was expired. After that, my pen stopped working... Any idea how I can make it working again?
  3. Don't worry, I've reinstalled about 20 times since 0.1 to 0.3 files. Always the same results. For some strange reason it happens once in a blue moon that I reboot and it works fine... Then I reboot again and the slowness is back. I tell you, that thing makes no sense.
  4. I would get in if I could fix the slowness issue
  5. This problem happens all the time (as soon as the machine is booted), it's not something that happens after a "sleep", sorry if I confuse people. If I boot up from the USB, the USB works fine, I can browse on it without problem but if I browse on the SSD, it's slow
  6. (surface2osx) Still looking for a solution for the slowness of the SSD/controller. After some troubleshooting the problem is when I first read/write in folders. Exemple 1: If I browse a folder I've not been in yet, it will take a few sec to show the files (folder will be empty for 5-10 sec then the files finally appear) Exemple 2: If I do a dd of let's say 1024 blocks, the 1st time it will take 22 sec. The 2nd time it will take 0.8 sec. Any idea?
  7. Works very well. Can the files be included in the original package (v0.3)?
  8. Audio doesn't work either for me, switchres works tho.
  9. lol, thanks for the comp 101 course. It's the hard disk that differentiate the models. if you have a 64gig, 128, 256, 512... there might be other differences. So what do you have? It might help me and other users that are experiencing different results, if we know that we have different version of the tablet. BTW I have the 4200 version 128 gig Booted from USB: Generic AHCI Controller: Vendor: Generic Product: AHCI Controller Link speed: 6 gigabit Negociated Link speed: 6 gigabit Physical Interconnect: SATA Description: AHCI Version 1.30 Supported file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3VjwCebcLxQTDlhaEtOY1g5d0E/edit?usp=sharing
  10. That's exactly what I was thinking, but wouldn't we have the same controller? what's your HDD? I have a Samsung MZMPC128HBFU Did you patch the DSDT for the controller? I just created my own clean DSDT and will try some stuff out.
  11. I have the same problem as you... Still trying to find out why.
  12. @Macspike The brightness slider always worked for me woth your files ... weird?
  13. The brightness always worked for me.
  14. @Dahnaek which CPU do you have in your SP2? Microsoft did a silent upgrade on the CPU end of December / beginning of january. It may give different results That's why I was asking last week what was a "clean" DSDT
  15. Did you copy the mach_kernel as well?