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  1. That's a shame to hear, I thought High Sierra had native support for NVMe now? Previously I've been using PikeRAlpha kext patches on my clover.plist to use my Intel 600p drive... it's worked great. But even so, installing to a spare drive is still not possible as the installer partition does not appear in clover? I'm all out of ideas at this point, may well have to just give up.
  2. I have already done that, but I can't disable my NVMe in the bios (which is my target drive anyhow)
  3. Hello, thanks for the reply. However, I swapped out my CLOVER folder for yours, and aside from a different menu, I still see no partition listed for my USB key.... It just lists two Legacy Windows drives, SierraNVME and Recovery. One other thing to note: If I unplug and replug the drive, i get this on the left hand side of the clover boot menu: APFSStart:1454: Mounting with apfs_efi_osx-748.37.10 efi_container_create:1077: -efi_container_create, Status = 8000000000000007
  4. Hey Just spent a fair while scanning the forums for any solutions to my problem. I've made a boot key for High Sierra (latest version from app store) and I can't get the partition to show in clover, even though it;s the key's own EFI partition that is booting! (Clover r4297) I've tried loads of stuff I found: ICHI10 patches in KextsToPatch (just incase, I have a z170x) Creating a custom bootloader entry with clover configurator (doesn't seem to show up at all when I reboot, checked 'OSXInstaller' as type, 'External' as volume type, and made an entry for both the installer partition and the EFI partition of the boot key (inception though?) checking apfs.efi is the right version for the OS install checking drivers64 folder for everything needed Can anyone think of anything else? Thanks
  5. Hey I just tried this on my GA Z170X-Ultra Gaming and it doesn't seem to work. Mac Os Sierra 12.1
  6. I have the same problem, just built a z170x-ultra gaming, i7 6700k. I've got it all working perfectly apart from this standby issue. Tried installing the script but it's a no go, still getting eject errors on wake.
  7. Just an update, today the computer booted perfectly. And my Windows 10 drive showed up in finder. In all the chaos of having a different mSATA drive corrupt, which led me to try sierra, that drive was missing the whole time, and in verbose must have been the drive with 'alignment error'. Anyway, today I notice my clover is showing that drive again, and it's in the finder. So it really must have been that drive! Thanks for the help
  8. Display and boot up issues

    I have a passive 750ti,(palit) no power connector just from the PCIe bus, and mine works fine once I installed the nvidia web os drivers. I got glitchy white screen before that though, but still useable to install the drivers
  9. Thanks, Yeah I did wonder about the drives, but it wasn't happening with any other Mac OS before this one, and can't really use the computer without the drives connected. They are all internal SSD, one m.2. and they all show in Disk Utility. Pretty sure my ACHI settings are all good, as I had to migrate away from software raid a few years ago for Mac OS, but I will double check. As I say, it;s an inconvenience at best and the system seems to work fine once it boots. Will change my smbios to 12,2 as well just to be safe. And have a deeper search into all things AHCI. Cheers
  10. Hey, So I've managed to upgrade my system to sierra (mainly for Pro Tools, it's graphical bugs are gone! yay!) I used the usb builder on this forum (thanks!) However, when booting the installer, and now when booting normally I am left with a 2x 60s countdown before i get to my login screen. The error is : busy timeout(0), (60s) kextd wait (0); 'IOAHCIDevice' When booting the installer, the timeout is 240s, and also had AppleACPICPU before the 'IOHCIDevice' bit. I was convinced it was stuck, as after the second time, the computer would reboot. I can't remember what I changed to make it boot instead of restart, but now after 2x timeouts, it will continue to the installer. So now, my system always takes 120s to boot. It's only a minor niggle, but was just wondering if anyone knew anything about it. I was told about changing OsxAptioFixDrv2 for the old version, but my machine needs v2 to boot, or I get memory error straight away. Both were in the clover>UEFI 64 bit folder. My machine is a z77-Ds3H motherboard, with a sandy bridge i7 2600 (non K). The board is ivy bridge but it supports my SB processor. I've had to change from Mac Pro 3,1 to iMac 14,2 but my PCIe cards still work (nVidia graphics, RME audio card). I don't have a DSDT or anything special regarding power management. It's just the usual Clover Configurator stuff carried over from my other install (Yosemite). Thanks for any insight people may have
  11. thanks so much for this. It helped me with my Sleekbook 14, same chipset and processor. However, I can't get the battery status to show up. I tried installing VoodooBattery and it's two accompanying kexts, but when I go to power management and click 'show battery status' the icon flashes on the taskbar, and then dissapaears, and the box unticks itself. Any ideas? I also can't get USB 3.0 to work, only the left hand side USB 2.0 port.
  12. OS X 10.10 design concept

    diddn't care too much for the design... but daymn that music is great!
  13. I feel like I've just been told the tooth fairy isn't real...
  14. You know what? It's settled down now, working like a charm streaming 96khz 24bit FLAC. Danke schone!!!!!