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  1. Now, im trying to up my internal card reader. It's usb i think, it's say this in config and ioreg. USB2.0-CRW: ID del producto: 0x0139 ID del fabricante: 0x0bda (Realtek Semiconductor Corp.) Versión: 39.60 Número de serie: 20100201396000000 Velocidad: Hasta 480 Mb/s Fabricante: Generic ID de la ubicación: 0x1d180000 / 3 Corriente disponible (mA): 500 Corriente operativa adicional (mA): 0 Appear but dont work. I insert a card, and ioreg don't say nothing .... Im search but nothing help me in sierra... all guides are too old... Any help about this? Any check or try ? Thank you.
  2. Hello, I don't know... I apply patch to ssdt and dsdt to disable it. I generate new debugs files, becouse i edit dsdt and ssdt files recently. In my ioreg now don't appear.... i think my lastest parchest working. With framebuffer patch work, but randomly.... i don't know what happends .... Thank you. debug_19295.zip
  3. Ok I patched AppleIntelFramebufferAzul.kext and now worked perfect. Thank you.
  4. Hello

I installed sierra on my laptop but i cant fix a problem.
 HDMI dont work. if i put on, the lcd and monitor start to blink. If i close laptop and open, monitor ok but lcd stay brigness 0. i cant seee nothing. 
 I add a video for see the problem. 
 Thank you. 
 The problem was with the tipe of connector. It put me connector-type <00 04 00 00> but I need <00 08 00 00>. 
 Im try to patch via CLOVER but dont work ... debug_14911.zip