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  1. Actually, I have GE enabled...Im at work at the moment, but I can post the com.chameleon.boot.plist when I get home. Thats the strange thing. I am running Chameleon, however a few people seem to be running Chimera and that seems to be doing the job...
  2. I've got an ASUS 6870 and it worked perfectly from install (dual monitors showing up with correct res and QE/CI) - however, it does have one issue - DVD player and steam games dont work... Im using Chameleon 2.1 rev 1701. Should I try with Chimera?
  3. Video Card Selection dual monitor out the box

    Im actually considering getting a 6870 as according to most sites it seems to work out of the box. Has anyone tried Gigabyte 6870? Does it work out the box?
  4. Hi all. I currently have a 4890, however, try as I might (and with he help of ytrox), been unable to get dual monitor display on my card (I have one of the ones that has HDMI, DVI & DP). I am thinking of buying a new card that is supported out of the box with no hassels? Was wondering if anyone had any good cards they could suggest for me to get dual monitors running with no messy mucking about. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Regards, Casper
  5. when it loads up, I can see it says using peregrine - using verbose mode...check my pm. CHeers
  6. Ok, rebooted, still no dice, only sees 1 monitor, and resolutions are not right (seem 16:9 ratio, going up to 1680x1050). I have also disconnected both monitors, and reconnected them sperately etc... Now I will say im using the chameleon 2.1 rc5 from this link (its built in with th script) http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=185097 Its not the latest rev, but its close. Would that make any difference? I replaced the i386 folder from the boot loader with the one you gave me and it loads all my copies of working OSX. SO I dont think its the boot loader thats causing the problems... If you have a copy of rev 1701 for download (complete) can I get it off you and try that - but I dont think its the boot loader. I manually load the command arguments: -AtiPorts=2 -AtiConfig=Peregrine But no luck...any ideas?
  7. i have connected via remote desktop, and it is only seeing one monitor and stock resolutions. will try rebooting.
  8. So remote desktop? Ok I will give it a shot tomorrow.
  9. Yup safe mode locked up, no sound when trying to input alt ctrl del, unlike non safe mode. Are you running lion ytrox? Also just out of curiosity, would running netkas exotic qe/ci patch make any difference?
  10. I just booted into my working install, let me try safe mode - and yes both monitors connected at system power on. All I see is the verbose logging to console, saying DSMOS has arrived and then the read drivers for ntfs drives.
  11. Is strange, with no next change, if I drop the dvi connector, it will bring up the hdmi connected monitor as if it WAS the second monitor (i.e. no menu at the top nothing on my primary desktop...then when I plug the DVI cable back in to the PC, it drops signal off the HDMI cable back to the main desktop screen :/ And th system properties sees two monitors... Thank god for super duper...otherwise I would have thrown my pc out the window...no more installs... And just to clarify, all 3 ports, hdmi, dvi and DP all work on windows 7...
  12. ok after installing the frame buffer and the 4800 controller and the ati support, osx doesn't load the gui. However with the boot files you gave me both screens come up, but what ever is on the DVI is the primary display, the secondary is a mirror of the primary - however as soon as you go to change any settings you lose the secondary monitor...
  13. I would install all that to the root folder yeah? I assume the boot file needed is already in the 1386.zip file? Cheers again! Trying now!
  14. I would appreciate it if you could do that one for me, I've already broken about 5 installs messing with chameleon 750 and osx lion and chimera as well... My brain is fried lol! Thanks heaps for all your assistance with this ytrox! It means a huge amount to me
  15. Ok, thanks for that Ytrox (and for been so patient with me!) I've been googling rev 750 of chameleon, however, everywhere I read about it it says it won't boot lion :/ Can you confirm if it will boot lion? Cheers!