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  1. Question regarding GTX 780 compatibility

    bbeepp, So it looks like my 780 is REV. A but is also 80.80.xxx. That netkas link you posted seems to be referring to a fix to make Rev B perform like a Rev A. Am I correct? I think this weekend I am going to fresh install 10.9 on my hack and see if the 780 works out of the box as everyone seems to have it. Would just really love having full performance in OSX as well as CUDA and OpenCL. Also, do you think my boot issues (slow boot) has anything to do with the mobo BIOS? Thanks for all your help man, I'm sorry I haven't had a real chance to test anything and reply with good information but I really appreciate your help! Cheers
  2. Question regarding GTX 780 compatibility

    Hey, Thanks for the reply bbeepp. I will try upgrading to 10.8.5 once this current job is complete. Follow up question: How do I check what chip I have and bios? If my bios is wrong, how do I update it on the GPU? Thanks for your help man!
  3. Hey guys, new to InsanelyMac, seems like a great community. I recently got a EVGA GTX 780. I do a lot of gaming, which was my primary reason for that choice, but I also do some Adobe work on my OSX install. Understanding the known bugs with this card and 10.8.3, I determined that they would not affect my work that much (really just wanted that CUDA!). So I got it working on OSX, and obviously W7 fine, using the nVidia web drivers. OSX recognized it by name a details in system info and I was getting excited!! Then reality set in...After trying to enable CUDA using terminal commands I found on several sites, I realized even though the computer knew it was a 780, it wasn't truly recognizing it. When I would use GPU Sniffer for enabling CUDA for AE, I wasn't getting the same info as many others. It wasn't giving me the dialogue "Name: GTX 7xx...." but rather something like "Engine: Nvidia GTX 780 OpenGL Engine....". So I was unable to get that working and could not find a real reason or anyone else experiencing the same issue. Then on Windows, thinking it might be a BIOS or GPU firmware incompatibility, I tried installing the latest firmware for the 780. In the prompt for installation, at the "finding devices..." it determined I had no compatible devices....even though I had the latest GPU drivers installed and could max out all my games and tweak the card using the nvidia control panel. Now, my question is...Is this in fact a motherboard/BIOS incompatibility? My current MOBO is the GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 w/ UEFI U1h. They released an updated UEFI, U1l, in march '13, but I can't find any info if that is a GPU/7xx series compatibility update or something. Does anyone have any info on this matter? Really don't want to have to upgrade my MOBO and potentially my CPU if I don't have to. Thanks! P.S. This might also be a clue to the culprit....since upgrading my GPU, the MOBO splash screen hangs for about a minute or so on boot until finally going into the normal selection screen...I can't access BIOS either, if I try, my screen goes black once the spalsh screen moves on.