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  1. Azureus tells me I still need 10 days to finish both Jas and iAtkos, so from your reply, I might give up downloading them, and instead concentrate on getting Linux running right. I have Ubuntu Studio 8.04 but it's causing me all sort of problems with sleep and video playback and screensaver. I'll subscribe to this thread too, but I'm not counting on this being solved anytime soon.
  2. Hi XoDeus, I hope you can give me back information, as it will take more lots of time to download iAtkos. I am also downloading Jas. And I will wait for your infomration to see if this will help solve our problems. I remember in installation of uphuck 10.4.9 there was an option "DELETE THERMAL KEXTS" but I think all of us tried it, and didnt work. Coolbook gave me temps of 70C average, I didnt think it cooled my Toshiba, it just gave me the temperatures. As far as i remember, the one thing it did is that I didnt have the high temperatures on cold boot, other than that nothing important.
  3. wow I thought this thread was dead. Since my last post, I have removed Leo, and installed Vista but it sucked so much, I installed Ubuntu. It's good, but just not like a mac. I will re-read this trhead and go through my previous notes ( i hope i still have them); I just wish I knew something more advanced to understand where the problem lies. All I did before, was install and remove several kexts and plugins to see how it worked. I am already downloading Jas but at 4 kb/s it will take me days to download, and I will try iAtkos as well. I had uphuck 10.4.9 on my desktop and it ran perfectly. I dont understand why we face this problem on laptops but not on desktops.
  4. Mate, I think for us it's the AppleSMC kext that needs to be adjusted. I don't think any other file matters. Because the rest are simply for the real macs. I deleted lots of those kexts you read in this post, and didn't find any solution. I don't knwo if you can reset the SMC in the link I posted above, maybe it will work. There is also an SMC Firmware update, you might try that as well. Personally, I might reinstall Leo4All again with its default settings and correct things later, because Leo4All used to run fine for me, no heat problems at all, but now, it does, for God knows which reason... Ubuntu on the other hand, is fine, and gives me temps between 46 & 60 max...
  5. I tried SMCFanControl, it gave me that I am running the wrong system, and that I should quit. I think it's because About This Mac, no longer gives macbook pro, but Toshiba P-205. Fan Control, which is a system preferences pane, gives me that I have no fans, yet Coolbook indicates they are running.... iStat also shows no fans.... It seems it all has to do only with the SMC kext, nothing else controls these damn things! One option left, and that is to reset MC, which I will try soon. Edit: someone posted this that got their MacBook Pro cooler, but they manipulated Blower & Fan kexts, and I deleted both, and got no solution absolutely! Anyway, here it is. I haven't tried it yet: ***Disclaimer*** If this kills your computer I am sorry but I am not responsible. While this shouldn't do anything bad to your computer, their is always the chance. Some Info This has only been tested on a 15" MBP, but should run on any apple computer with fans and OSX. It makes the fans run at all times, and decreases battery life by 5-10min. This requires some thinking and a choice to make when selecting fan speeds. Steps 1. Go to the folder /system/library/Extensions/ and find Appleblower and Applefan. 2. On Appleblower of the files right click and select show package contents. Open the contents folder and drag the Info.plist file to the desktop. Make a second copy if this goes horribly wrong and need a back up. Right click it and Select open with textedit the one on the desktop. (If it is not one of your choices select other and find it in your applications and click open). Scroll down till text juts out the furthest and make it look like what you see below. Note: Lets say you don't have dualprocessorblower don't add it. look at a later post on the next page for correct way it should look. save this file and replace the original. it will ask for a password. 2. Go back to the extensions folder and show contents of Applefan. Open contents and drag the info.plist to the desktop, make a back up of this too. look at a later post on the next page on how this file should look. 3. You should have a an apple you can really call a "lap"top.
  6. I am searching a bit to try to solve this, and it says that resetting the SMC might help. SMC RESET But it seems it's something hardware related to real macs. Wonder if we can do it by software here. I can't test it now, because i'm at work, and don't have my hack... EDIT: Has anybody tried this as well? strangely as well, some people reported their fans working with this old update: http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/fancontrolupdate.html I got these from a real mac forum, but this heating issue is very common in real macs it seems, some have reprted 89C temps!!
  7. Hello, I've read this thread from A to Z. I was having system freezes and hard shutdowns immediately when I first turn on the computer. This thread helped me get Coolbook reading my temperature, thanx to the kexts posted here: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?act...st&id=29068 The problem is that on cold boot, I immediately get 100 degrees temp in coolbook, and the system shuts down ultimately if I don't restart it. restarting it gets me 72C temps, with or without coolbook. The plugging-unplugging did not work for me. I downloaded istat but it didnt give me at all the temp, and fans, readings no matter what I did. I think the only solution left for me is to try the AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement, because I don't see any other solution I have except removing the hack, as it is dangerously warming my system. The 72C I get are from an idle system, if I open Safari or anything else, I reach 80C easily. Any help is appreciated, and if any files, are needed from my part I will gladly supply them, but bear with me, as I'm new to all this. Thanx EDIT: AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement did not work. It halted at the boot up, it said machine name was Toshiba p-205 and stopped forever.
  8. Are these Terminal commands different from those you can use in -s? I'm very new at this, so appreciate the help. Thanx
  9. Kalyway 10.5.2 FULL GUIDE

    @ mahen.s9 Mobo Chipsets - Select ALL Why? You only need to select the one for your motherboard... I installed it fine, without selecting any of the chipsets
  10. D-link DWA-110

    I have installed Leo4All because Kalyway is giving me problems. And I think my DWA is now making the system freeze. Do you know if the links you provided will solve this issue? I also am goign to try to upgrade to 10.5.3, see if that helps
  11. Thanx. I can download fine. But the ZIP seems to be corrupted. I will try again today in XP, maybe it works better.
  12. So where do I get the update from? If the links on the first page are not working?
  13. hehehe yes I read your suggestion to another person, and i really think its the best way, since im still on a fresh install right now. I'm going then to read about multiple boots, because I don't know how to do this. But it could be a very helpful suggestion. Thanx
  14. The 1st link is not working, the second works, but after i finished download after 5 hours, the file is corrupted. it breaks stuffit while unpacking!!
  15. Hi Mysticus, My system randomly hangs. (specs in signature). It just freezes, no matter what I'm doing. I want to install the 10.5.3 update in the hope that it fixes this issue. Is there any chance that you might know, why my system does that, and/or whether this update fixes it? Using the same settings from Kalyway 10.5.2 but w/o the SMBIOS DDR2 667, because it was not available, just Netkas' SMBIOS 27, I had to reboot my system after everytime I turned it off for a while, because in like 5 minutes, it would shut down by itself, if I do that trick, I then can run Leo quite easily. (but not as smoothly as with leo4all v3) Any help would be really appreciated, as I'm just trying my luck here, since no one was able to tell me what the problem really was. Thanx