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  1. I happened to be in an Apple store over the weekend and checked an iMacPro, and there actually is no memory tab on "About this Mac" - memory classified as not upgradeable. Now the iMac19,1 that does show memory tab. So score one for Clover, it's doing the right thing with regards to iMacPro.
  2. Haven't convinced myself I need to try it yet, given clover is working just fine. So for now, staying on clover until there is a reason to switch. Also, don't want to screw up my work machine!
  3. Thanks @pkdesign, setting Platform Feature to 0x00 fixed it.
  4. Well look at that, I didn't even notice the memory tab was missing! I just checked, and sure enough it's not there. I know I've seen it before, but may have been when I was on 19,1. Just found this info on another forum: "No RAM tab is the authentic macOS feature if RAM for your MAC(defined SMBIOS) is not upgradable"
  5. Great to see an OpenCore variation of the EFI. From my little reading about OpenCore, I've seen people saying it doesn't play nice with dual boot Mac/Windows systems. Is this still the case?
  6. Here are some interesting notes on iMacPro1,1 vs iMac19,1. The one thing that caught my attention was around power management and CPU frequency scaling (doesn't seem to be natively supported on iMacPro for coffee lake): https://www.reddit.com/r/hackintosh/comments/dwbncg/sidecar_and_smbios_imac191_vs_imacpro11/
  7. Nice work @AudioGod! Are you still recommending AptioMemoryFix for those using iMacPro1,1 or should everyone switch to new opencore drivers? Also, do these updated BIOS settings apply to both 1,1 and 19,1? Thanks!
  8. Hi @AudioGod, how's the testing on the new EFI going? Are you switching your personal machine back to 19,1 or keeping it at 1,1?
  9. Ah interesting, I'm guessing you are going opencore route with OcQuirks and FwRuntimeServices? I've seen in another forum where they have replaced AptioMemoryFix by using those. Interested to see how it turns out.
  10. I've gone through that same exercise and found the same results. You can get HEVC working on iMacPro1,1 again by using either HEVCEnabler or dummy152 kexts. One targets the 580, while the other works on my 560 (they just patch different frame buffers). I think the only benefit I see running 19,1 is the machine doesn't lock up with safari DRM and just shows a recoverable error instead. However, I see other strangeness like the activity monitor app taking a long time to launch compared to iMacPro1,1.
  11. @hungrywallet are you running on iMac19,1 smbios with iGPU enabled? I'm guessing so, since on iMacPro1,1 it just seems to crash and freeze machine.
  12. Already tried that, see previous post: "The new Weg and Lilu were released today, so I tried them out with the new shikigva=16." Unfortunately, still results in full system freeze on iMacPro1,1.
  13. Interesting that the secondary card is still showing up. In my PCI list, I do not have the "display" entry, just the "Radeon RX 560" in my case. If I remove that SSDT, then I do see the additional entry, so you are right that it seems it is not working for you. Our EFI folders are the same as far as files/kexts that are being loaded in there, so I'm not sure what to think. Are you using the latest DSDT from AudioGod for F10? In my PCI list, I have a "Patched by Mald0n" entry and an "Olarila" entry, which you don't seem to have. I may need to defer this problem to the expertise of AudioGod and others more capable in DSDT/SSDT stuff.
  14. The new Weg and Lilu were released today, so I tried them out with the new shikigva=16 boot arg to see if that fixed the system crash when loading Netflix on safari, but still get the same crash, oh well. We'll see what AudioGod comes up with on his update with these new tools and SMBIOS recommendations going forward. @gino8080 I think there is something wrong with your setup. When I got to graphics/displays, I only have a single entry for the 560 and nothing else. Is your iGPU enabled as well?
  15. Hi @AudioGod, are these updated bios settings? (Windows 8/10 features, Above 4g decoding), as these are different from the BIOS settings in original post. Thanks!