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  1. Stopped working for me with the update, I had to fallback to editing the DevicePolicy plist again.
  2. Thanks, this finally fixed the nvidia black screen issue without having to modify the Info.plist directly. I'm running with SIP enabled again
  3. 10.6.8 officially released

    Just rolled back to the ATI kexts from 10.6.7 and XFX 5770 works fine again.
  4. 10.6.8 officially released

    Yes same thing for me, it gets to the end of boot in verbose then just sits there. I can ssh into the machine so it is up and running, just no graphics.
  5. 10.6.8 officially released

    Looks like the problem is specific to the XFX 5770 card. I have the same one and can't get into desktop anymore either. I've seen reports of others with that card having the same problem. Looking forward to a solution if anyone comes across one!
  6. ATI HD 5770

    To answer my own question, you do not need to reinstall. Just drop in the required changes and you should be good to go from your existing install. However, I did run into some random screen freezes (mainly to white) which seems to have been fixed by reinstalling the Snow Leopard Graphics Update and/or extracting my own XFX rom with GPUz in windows. I'm attaching my extracted ROM from XFX 5770 if anyone needs it. 1002_68b8.rom.zip
  7. ATI HD 5770

    I've currently got an nvidia card running on 10.6.4 with the graphics update. Can I just swap in the 5770 with the required changes (boot file, rom, etc) and expect it to work? Or does this involve a reinstall of the entire OS? Thanks!
  8. Excellent work Tony! Now let's hope 10.6.3 (which sounds like it is getting closer) doesn't bring any HDA suprises.
  9. My UUID has remained stable ever since I switched to RC4 and removed platformUUID kext. I'm not using Rekursor's patched version and I have no entry in com.boot.plist.
  10. Ok, another brief update on the static/electronic noise issue. The noise does appear to be coming from the power supply when power management features are enabled. I did some more searching and came across this thread: http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=75330 It seems there are a lot of people that have similar problems with corsair power supplies. One suggestion is to disable EIST and C1E settings in bios, but that did not work for me. I remember someone said that people with Seasonic PSUs were also having this problem. Turns out that some Corsair PSUs are OEM Seasonics.
  11. Thanks Tony, but I think I've got myself into a catch-22 here. Using that DSDT, I'm not able to boot without NullCpuPowerMgmt (kernel panic). And the noise only happens without that kext, so I think I may be at a dead end with this idea.
  12. Hmm, I have a Corsair PSU and an x25 as well. Is there a straightforward way to remove the sleep patch from the DSDT? I would like to validate that the problem is with that code. I may have to pay a visit to TonyMacs blog and do some research on DSDT editing finally (I was hoping I was never going to have to learn this DSDT stuff hehe).
  13. Rich, that is exactly the sound I'm getting (sounds like a high pitched HDD seek sound/static). I only get the sound when I remove NullCpuPowerMgmt kext. Put that kext back in, and the sound will go away. The only problem is that my performance DROPS about 400 points (in geekbench) when I use NullCpuPowerMgmt. I have a Corsair power supply, and I don't think it is the where the sound is coming from (but not sure). It sounds like its coming from the motherboard, but very hard to pinpoint. I was able to minimize the sound by overclocking to 3.2+, but then I was having issues with onboard sound cutting out, etc, so I'm back to stock speeds. I've tried with both speedstep and non-speedstep DSDTs, but it doesn't make a difference. Would love to hear if anyone has solved this.
  14. Chameleon 2 RC4

    GraphicsEnabler no longer works for my Nvidia 8800gts (512) either. I'll try reverting back to the EFI string as well for now.
  15. I have roughly the same setup (SL and Windows on two separate drives). I would not attach your SL drive when installing Windows - Windows likes to mess with the boot sectors. Just make sure you have a working windows installation and the windows drive is bootable by itself. If that is the case, then you should be able to boot your SL drive and chameleon should see the windows drive. Does the windows drive boot if it's the only drive connected?