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  1. I test one front port and it work thanks
  2. My new file : vincent’s Mac mini-new.zip
  3. Thanks MaLd0n, I'll try with the new files. Can you tell me what do you modify : DSDT, kext, clover patch Barnum
  4. Does all your usb port work ? can you share your clover configuration and dsdt file ? Thanks
  5. Here are my file Regards, vincent’s Mac mini.zip Send me vincent’s Mac mini.zip CLOVER.zip
  6. Hi All, I have the same mother than you and I already upgrade to sierra. Everything work except the front USB port. Do you use a dsdt file ? special kext for usb ? Thanks
  7. Hi All, I've just migrate to El Capitan, my motherboard is an "b75m-d3h". What should I do to have full USB2/USB3 on this motherboard ? (DSDT edit, kext,...), I'm a little lost in this topic (I see some dst edit but are they for serie 7 chipset ?, I also see RehabMan kext, the clover patch). Regards, Barnum
  8. Hi Navjot, can you give me your dsdt file, I'm trying to install Yosemite with this board and I have some mistake so I need a dsdt file that work with a Nvidia graphics Thanks, Barnum
  9. Clover General discussion

    Hi all, I just start a new hackintosh and i have an E-1275ve xeon cpu with an hd p4000 video card. When i boot osx with clover I have no no acceleration and my resolution is block to 1024/768. On clover, I activate only inject intel in the graphic part. What should I add to have full acceleration ? imei ? Ig-platform-id ? Regards, Barnum
  10. Clover General discussion

    Hi all, I have a strange behaiviour with the latest clover version (from the version 3050). One my hack, I have two sata drives with yosemite install on it on the first one I can boot from the new release on clover on the seconde one I can't, I have to stay at the release 3033. when I boot on this drive, clover start but when I arrive at the gui, I can't choose this drive to start OS X. on each drives, I use the same clover drivers and the same config file I attach the boot log with 3033 and 3113 and the boot screen Any suggestion ? regards, Barnum debug-3033.log.zip debug-3113.log.zip
  11. macosxbootloader (Hackintosh version).

    Hi Andy, I have clover install on legacy mode (bios mode) How can I install your version ? just copy the "boot.efi" file in "/System/Library/CoreServices/boot.efi" and then reboot using clover ? regards, Barnum
  12. Hi all, Since I install this version of chameleon, I can't install an other release of chameleon. The boot stop after the decompression of the kernel cache. Does someone have a way to revert back to the official chameleon release? Barnum
  13. Can you tell me how do you generate the cpu part ? Barnum
  14. Hi Fabio, can you tell us what modification you have done on the DSDT ? I need to do the same on the P6TWS pro for a xeon e5540 cpu regards, Barnum
  15. Hi, Do you have find a 10.7.4 dsdt for p6t ws pro ? I have this motherboard with a xeon e5540 and I have a kernel panic when I upgrade to 10.7.4 Regards, Barnum