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  1. Thanks for the instructions Vudo!! Now, are we sure that my real mac will not get banned by doing this? I will try right now and test.
  2. Ok, my wife has a real MacBook Pro...however didn't want to use any of her information in fear they disable her iMessage and FaceTime....can you lead me to instructions for this? I did search and found some info but it was not conclusive (i.e. work on Yosemite),
  3. SurfacePro1 with OSX10.10.1 Ok everything mostly working, all glitches with washed out screen fixed (thanks all!!). I am trying to get iMessage and FaceTime working with no success. I have tried all the same steps from Rehabman (nullethernet.kext, delete networkconfig.plst, reboot, add back the adapters, etc, etc). I do get the first adapter "self assigned" and then add my internet adapter. All good. I used Clover to get a valid serial and wrote that into the config.plst. I even downloaded the dsdt.aml file and named it -1....I still cannot get iMessage to work "An error occurred during activation". Anyone get this working on 10.10.1>
  4. [How to] Asus P5K-VM guide

    Anyone get the USB error when trying to boot from the myHack USB? I hit -v to see the errors (as the install just hangs with apple logo and spinny thing). I get IOUSB something, something error on port 5, will keep trying. I even tried the "USBBugFix=Yes" and this didn't work. Any help? I have P5K-VM with intel duo core E6600 I followed Xanthrax install instructions on post #1234
  5. As per the instructions you have to remove all adapters and then add one by one back. The first one you add wait for it to get self assign ip and only then start adding wifi and your Ethernet one
  6. Yup. I did all of them from all the packages. When you did your reinstall which version of the config, what kexts, which dsdt?
  7. I don't think it did work. He said he tried that and same issue. I am only able to boot with the USB used for start up and hit Mac OS and can boot right in. However the graphics are "weird" in that it "stutters" in when the desktop loads. I copied the EXACT files from the clover folder on USB to the efi on the ssd. So all boot files, kexts, dsdt, config are the exact same. What pisses me off more is I have already done the install before and it worked. What is different this time is I started with osx and windows dual boot and formatted partition all the same way but left it to 1 partition not 2 (was not going to install windows). All was formatted with GUID and Mac OS journaled. The USB stick installed and got everything setup ok. I even beat the auto shutdown after install and did the cp -R commands in terminal. They did not give me errors. Frustrating and would 100% agree there needs to be an update to the install files and just include on set of kexts, one config and one dsdt. Whether someone is able to create an "ISO" of sorts or if someone can combine all the v0.2 v0.3 and v0.2.5 files into one.
  8. Can you get in if you boot with USB drive (volume down to launch clover)? If you get to clover that way that has worked for me. If you can get to your osx somehow (the way above or with safe boot) go to disk utilities and first aid and repair permissions. Shutdown. Then I was able to boot without the pendrive but only once. Now I am getting it again!!!! Then a kernel panic. Something is f'd up. I'm gonna give up soon
  9. Last night I was able to get it to boot and just now by going into clover options at the start up, press space bar. Go to graphic injection press enter then code from 0x0000000 to 0x1660009. Once you key this in hit enter then down to return the return again and then launch osx without cache with injected kexts. Works. So now that I got in And installed clover to the ssd. That was successful as clover came up without the USB stick in but same problem. Can't boot in at all anymore. Even with changing the graphics injector. I get the Bluetooth transport.
  10. I am going to freak!!! Lol. Nothing is working to get past Bluetooth controller missing stupid comment when trying to load without cache and injected kext. I can safe boot but efiounter won't work so cannot install clover to hard drive efi partition. Did all the permission fixes and installed all the kexts again!!!!!!!! Edit. Fixed somehow. But now clover is "failing" to install on ssd. I have mounted the efi and all seems ok. Just starts installing and fails half way through.
  11. Perfect. That's what I did. But still have me the error after that. I never had to repair the permissions originally so how do I do that again?
  12. (Surfaceosx) I have decided to reinstall everything since I have done so many changes. I have successful installed before bit man I cannot get it to boot with injected kexts as I get the damn "Bluetooth" error on boot up. I recall this had to do with making sure I did the cp -R commands correctly and I have with all 5 kexts. I can boot into safe mode so wondering if anyone has a quick fix.
  13. That's funny. On tapatalk takes me to first page of this discussion!! I will try from computer. That's funny. On tapatalk takes me to first page of this discussion!! I will try from computer.
  14. Jah. I have successfully installed before as you know but in the "instructions" it says "copy config (and references dsdt etc etc) from attached files". Great there are now 4 separate files/ folders of config, dsdt, kexts, etc. just trying to make sure I don't copy the wrong one and can only assume that if there are duplicates (ie config) then it's the latest one?? And sorry the link you attached was for the first post not one a couple pages back hence my questions above. Thanks.
  15. (Surfaceosx1) @Jah When installing fresh what kexts from the v0.2 v0.2.5 and v0.3 do I install? I am going to start fresh and know that some v0.2.5 replace some v0.2 I think.