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  1. [SOLVED][ML] BCM4312

    I looked through the pinned and didn't see anything about this specific problem, I apologize if theres already a topic about this. I have a ProBook 4540s, running Mountain Lion almost all Vanilla and DSDT. I swapped out a Ralink WiFi, for a BCM4312 rev 01, I tried to rebrand it, and it seemed to "accept" the changed s, but the device ID's never changed to Apple's (from what I see) I've also tried to edit the "AppleBcrm****" (I forget the rest) to include my device ID's and repair disk permissions, it shows the kexts as being loaded but I'm getting no result, in System Information, or Network Interfaces. I appreciate you guys time to help me out! Thanks! EDIT: It turns out theres a nice kext to do this, incase I can help anyone else out. http://www.osx86.net/view/3524-!!!!_bcm4312_-_wifi_fully_working_10.8.2_!!!!.html
  2. Hey everyone, this is my first post, but ive been messing with OSX86 for a while (5 months) on my AMD SSE3 2.0ghz Compaq. I can run tiger (10.4.8 JaS) with low graphics (because of my card) and it runs ok. Ethernet works (Reat k) and everything. but no audio.... i have a compliant AC'97 card from realtek too. When i run in VMWare i have everything (ethernet,audio) but when i run legacy i cant get audio... Mac OSX loads the AC97 Kext on boot. And i got leopard to boot legacy on my desktop AND install correctly but i need a bootloader for it. so i couldnt boot it but since i have tiger on my vmware. I'm going to try to install leopard. Does anyone want pics if i get it running?
  3. I used the ultimate wireless driver tutorial here on insanelymac .I used the broadcom one. it tells you to replace your dev id's with whatever (like mine 4306). ok yay im happy it SHOULD work. But now when it reboots it gives me an error that its not authentic so it wont load the driver. ive already did that root:wheel chrown or whatever and kextcache -k but it hasnt worked. Can anyone help me?