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  1. Whats the difference... (or spot difference)

    Ahhhhh... Nice! Cheers
  2. Whats the difference... (or spot difference)

    What under graphics?
  3. Good morning lads and ladies! I am getting more and more confused over my config.plist I don't understand why one doesn't boot up with scrambled graphics and the other one doesn't (I am using clover). I have checked all the settings etc but it still boots up scrambled. But if I inject this other config,plist it loads fine. All the settings are the same expect the GUI for clover which I am guessing doesn't make any difference if it's different because it person preference. (But I could be getting this very wrong.) Find both plist's attached... Cheers plists.zip
  4. ALC662v2 AppleHDA.kext for 10.11 El Capitan

    Works perfectly using Clover and layout 12! - Been looking at this for about 6 months so thank you so much!
  5. ALC662 ...

    Hey, I have installed the kext's as you can see in the devices panel but I can't get it showing in the sound option configuration. I quickly spoke to a few people in chat after trying to edit my dsdt but they advised me not too. Don't really want to install Voodoo codec as the quality is not as good as applehda. So any help would be great.... I have tried .... Different layouts in audio Clover option, many different kexts and patches, dsdt edits... I would advised against as my machine is a desktop and plenty more!! Cheers Tim PS. I have uploaded a screen shot!!