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  1. Man, that worked! Thanks so much! Great to know I can do that. EDIT: Shoot, I spoke too soon. It's back after I restarted. Could it be that I need a different kext that would recognize the card correctly?
  2. Thanks for the tip, although looking all through networks prefs. I couldn't find any option to turn it off. I did get a screenshot hoping that someone might recognize it.
  3. I figured out this is caused by the wifi card. It works fine until I choose the "power off card" option. Then airport doesn't register that a card is installed. Can someone please help me on this?
  4. I've just gotten 10.6.6 onto my Acer aspire D250 and it's great! Now that I have everything working I'm starting to get a little nit-picky. I have this icon up in my menu bar that won't go away. It's labeled "Network Controller" and it gives an option to "Power off card" when I click on it. It's weird because I have both my ethernet and wifi working perfectly, so that leaves no network adapter unaccounted for. Does anybody know how this icon can be removed? My wifi card is a DW1510 that I installed myself.
  5. OSx86 on Aspire One AOD150 10 inch netbook?

    Hey man. It'd be awesome if you could share your method! I'd love to get everything on my D150 finally working!
  6. Ethernet or WiFi on Aspire D250?

    This helped me when I installed Does anyone have an answer to my original question, though? I still can't any sort of connection running.
  7. Ethernet or WiFi on Aspire D250?

    Can anyone please help?
  8. I'm running iAtkos V7 on an Acer Aspire D250, but I can't get any sort of internet to work, ethernet or wireless. I've tried various AttansicL1 Ethernet drivers and the Kismac wifi method, but nothing seems to work. So I have a perfectly stable Mac and I can't really do anything with it. Is any sort of internet possible on this machine? Thanks.
  9. Desperately Seeking BonziBuddy

    I sent you a PM. Could you send me the link?