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  1. Nevermind, I installed it on a second partition on my Surface, it runs smoothly now. How can I fix the problem with the glitching graphics? Thanks.
  2. It is installed on a portable SSD connected over USB 3.0, not a SD Card. EDIT: That's the device it's installed on: https://www.amazon.com/Verbatim-256GB-Storen-External-47623/dp/B008OE0SJW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1488234198&sr=8-1&keywords=verbatim+ssd+256gb
  3. I didn't install any NVMe driver. Do I need this? I didn't install macOS on the internal SSD. But I will give it a try. Where can I download the NVMe driver?
  4. Hi, yes, I did. There's around 1,5GB of Graphics memory, so this shouldn't be the problem. The only problem I have with graphics is the glitching left top corner, although I selected sRGB as the color profile. But this isn't a huge problem, the bigger problem is the performance which is extremely bad right now Thank you
  5. System runs very slow. I have connected another USB 3.0 device, copied a file from it to the desktop on macOS, the file is being read quiet fastly from the other USB HD, but it is being processed very slowly so it isn't the USB kext or something like this which is limiting the speed. The external SSD macOS is installed on shouldn't be the problem I think. On Windows it is very fast. Do you have any ideas on how to solve this? Thanks!
  6. Actually, I don't really know. I think that the system runs very slow. I am currently at work, when I'm at home I will test the USB speed and then I will write here again.
  7. Hi, first, thanks for the great guide. I inntalled OS X on my Surface Book and it works fine BUT it runs extremely slow. The installation was very slow too. I installed it on an external SSD, so it should be very fast, but it feels like it runs on a USB 1.0 thumb drive lol. Does anybody know how to fix this issue? Do I have to do anything in order to use the full speed of USB 3.0?
  8. Hey Guys, I have got a litte question. I have a dual-boot system with OSX Mavericks and Windows 8.1. If I start my Computer it boots automatically into OSX if I don't press anything in the Chameleon Bootloader. Now I am not at home and I am remoting my Computer . Is there a way to boot to Windows when I am on Mac OS X without having to press something in Chameleon? I found an App on Hackstore one day where it said "Click to boot to Windows" but it couldnt find my Windows partition. I am looking for something like this. Would be great if someone can help me! Thanks
  9. Can't boot into my OSx86 partition

    I have tried it again, it didn't work (Win 8.1), then I tried creating the stick on a WIn 7 system, now I can boot into chameleon, but if I want to boot my Mavericks partition the system is rebooting and boots Windows again. Do I need any kexts or something like that? I just did the makeusb command, copied the Chameleon files to the root of the stick and copied the boot file to the root of the stick. Do I need something more? I tried pasting the NullCPUPowerManagement.kext and FakeSMC.kext to Extra/Extensions, but the result is the same.
  10. Can't boot into my OSx86 partition

    Yes, I know that. I already had a dual boot system, but I didn't know that Windows is overwriting a part of Chameleon when I installed Windows. Hmm, I will try it again.
  11. Can't boot into my OSx86 partition

    I already tried this but it didn't work. I became an error where it said that there is no bootable OS on this boot device.
  12. Hello, I have got a problem. I can't boot into my Mac partition anymore since I have installed Windows on another partition on the same SSD. Later I have read that I have to install OSx86 after Windows for dual boot. Now, I will do this but now I have to boot in my OSx86 partition to safe my documents. How can I activate the OSx86 partition? On my OSx86 partition there is the Chameleon bootloader installed. I have already tried to put the Chameleon files to a usb stick with Windows and boot to my OSx86 partition with this stick but it didn't work. It would be great if somebody knows the answer! Thanks.
  13. @ Gringo Vermelho and dcai777 Thank you very much! Now the app store is working! Just because of a little misspelling it didn't work! I can't tell you how thankful I am! It wasn't only your fault, I had to control the code You don't have to be sorry, you were helping the whole time! Thank you very much! Now, everything is working! That's a great community!
  14. EthernetBuildIn is already in the plist. I've read it, but I can't find a solution for my problem in this thread. EDIT: Sorry, I now tested it without device-properties. Graphics are working, App Store doesn't.
  15. I tried from 0-11, none of them is working. Does it have anything to do with the SMBIOS? I think I don't have a SMBIOS.