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  1. ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z

    Very much appreciated. Beers are on me if your ever anywhere near my neck of the world. Oregon, USA.
  2. ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z

    As requested, DTGP is the only edit so far... just got this board yesterday. Thanks again MaLd0n =] dsdt.aml.zip
  3. Compatible graphics card

    I agree, out of all the cards I have ever used the GTX260 is by far the most stable card and still pretty respectable. A 280 would be great but they seem even harder to find these days.
  4. Supported Graphics cards with Full QE/QI

    GTX 480 EVGA Superclocked works with EFI string GTX 260/216 EVGA superclocked works with EFI string GTX 260/216 BFG works with EFI string EVGA 8800GTS 320 works with EFI string EVGA 8800GTX 768 works with EFI string This is all in Lion GM. I'll update with a few other cards from the red side in a few days.
  5. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    All caps and the ati-fanboy thing... really?
  6. The drivers haven't been implemented in any release, yet. Not every 465 will go to a 470, you could brick your card. You should do alot of research before you attempt it... I've read as many horror stories as success stories. I have seen a 465 running on 10.6.4, an evga I believe.
  7. do you do drugs?

    Long time forum troller here, I think I should chime in on this one though =] This topic has been beat to death everywhere, there is no wrong or right answer to the "Are drugs bad" question...maybe some of my life experiences will help with the people that are on both sides of the argument. I was a drug dealer for close to 15 years. In that time I dealt just about every kind of drug that's makes a good profit. Profit was my main motivation to begin with, as it is with all dealers regardless of what they say. I started with marijuana and quickly graduated to LSD. For a few years I was running up and down the west coast delivering thousands of doses per month, a few times a year I would make a run to the east coast when the market demanded. In dealing with this crowd on both ends, the customers and my dealers, I'd have to say this was the most enjoyable set of people to work with. They all pretty much had life in order, always paid what was fair. Were employed or attending school and kept the drug use at a recreational level. Dealing was casual, not a stressful environment. You have to think that the legalities of LSD are pretty harsh to the dealer, penalties for dealing the volume that I was and my dealers were are punishable by life in prison and no getting out on good behaviour in 5 years, your in for life. So, given that fact the whole situation for manufacture to distribution should have been a complete nightmare of nerve racking deals and transport, Regardless, it was pretty casual and low stress. I then started dealing E in medium amounts. This was the worst, most intense time of life. I myself was not doing much E (maybe once a month) but the people I got my quantity from were gun wielding psychos. Most were Russian and most had come from backgrounds in dealing heroin and cocaine. If you didn't pay, you were dead, End of story. My customers, on the other hand, were a joy to deal with. This is where I first ran into a different crowd of recreational drug users...the wealthy and good "members of the community". They payed for discretion more than anything, they had fooled there neighbors, there business partners and the system and wanted to continue to do so...regardless of there drug use, they did good work and had the community at heart. Among te social elite, I dealt to a judge, two mayors of medium size oregon cities and a few police officers (and likely to a few more in that same category that I just don't know about). Meth, now...I knew this was a very bad decision from the start. The money was incredible though...but there must be a reason for a 1000 percent profit margin, right? A string of profanity doesn't exist yet that describes just how messed up the whole frickin meth community is. From what you see on the news and what you read in the papers and are taught in your classrooms....doesn't even come close to how wacked out all of these people are. Everyone is violent, I saw a 19 year old beautiful woman bash a guy in the head with a baseball bat...I suspect he didn't live too long. I found out later that she had been doing meth for just over a month, she is in prison now for what I hear was manslaughter in an unrelated car theft incident. I saw her play violin a year before, she was to attend Juliard. After my brief stint of meth dealing I moved laterally over to heroin, I immediatly became addicted and started selling cocaine to support my heroin habit. Imagine sitting in an emergency room for six months. Everyone is sick and pale, depressed and bitchy. My dealers were the same gun waving psychos that I had dealt with in dealing E. I got straight, haven't even had the urge since to do it again...I can take narcotics for pain and don't feel the "fever" that some addicts have told me of. It was as if I had never done it, and I am very greatful for that..lucky indeed. I stopped dealing for 6 months or so to get my head straight....then went back to dealing marijuana. For the last 10 years of my dealing I dealt to the upper and high class portions of society. Just pot, nothing else. It was all very enjoyable, profit was alright...People were a dream to deal with. Most always kept it to a recreational level (fridays, weekends). I dealt to members of local government, large business owners...all of the top 5% income. The conclusion I've drawn from dealing and having friends of the upper class is that they just have a firmer grasp of the concept of moderation on everyday life...don't max out your credit cards, spend more than your worth...eat too much junkfood or do massive amounts of drugs. I've been to most of the main drug cities in the world, Amsterdam, Ibiza, Manilla...etc. When most people think about those places and the noteriety they've recieved for having relaxed drug laws is that everyone is walking around high as hell. Whether you look at that as a positive or negative attribute is your own prejudice, regardless, you are right...everyone is walking around all messed up....Americans, Americans walking around enjoying being high in a place where it doesn't bother anyone as long as you have respect towards others. Get out of hand and they treat you like {censored}, and they should. But if you spend any *real* time in these places, getting to know the culture and people you can see the positive effect the relaxed laws have made on society as a whole. People are taught from a very young age about moderation and very aware of themselves and the effect they have on others. Most of these places have the lowest rates of addiction in the world. The people are just way more relaxed, everybody isn't suing everyone, murder rates are low...theft even lower...no road rage (well, Ibiza has it but they make it fun) and very good debt to income ratio. People are nice and generous for the sake of being nice and generous. Could this type of mentality ever happen in America? Not in my lifetime. In all my experience, some truths may be: If you want to try drugs, keep it in moderation. The little voice in your head, should you listen to it will tell you when you're getting out of hand. If you are against drugs then fine. Keep in mind that your prejuduce only extends to drug addicts, not drug users...you'd be surprised how many people that have garnered your respect are hittin the bong after a long day of telling you what to do. They can butter up the effects of just about any drug to have some legitimate use for something other than getting high. I had a root canal, I took Vicodin....I wasn't in pain or an a$$h0le because I was in pain. Marijuana does increase the appetites of cancer patients...it helps, a close family member had cancer and it helped significantly after she started smoking pot. nicotine does nothing good, it's retarded and just kills you...everyone knows this, you know this...I know this. (Still smoking though). But, that chapter in my life is long over. I don't deal anything. I do drugs recreationally. I have a good job with a boatload of responsibilty. What can I say, I met a cool chick and I don't want to do anything to risk not being with her =] -S
  8. I am currently running that board, the GA-N650SLI. It's rock solid. I used iAtkos 10.5.2 R3 and everything works besides LAN, and to be perfectly honest I haven't played with it because I already had a 8139 in it. Specs: GA-N650SLI bios F7 E4400 at 2.7ghz 2x 320gb Samsung spinpoints on SATA 2x 400gb WD drives on SATA Pioneer DVR112L DVD+-R DL on PATA 2 GB Kingston Cheap Ghetto Ram EVGA 7800GT/OC All USB and FireWire works. Only issue is the PS/2 Keyboard, you gotta go either USB or PS/2 for both mouse and keyboard or apply a few fixes afterwards. Dual Boot with XP. Let me know if you have anymore questions.
  9. Current OS X Version: 10.5.2 Install method: iAtkos 10.5.2 R3, MBR, Dual Boot Desktop/Laptop? Desktop Prebuilt? Custom built Manufacturer: - Model: - Motherboard Manufacturer: Gigabyte Model: GA-N650 SLI Version: DS4 Bios Version: F7 Chipset: Nvidia 650i Audio: Working OOB LAN: Not working, using Realtek 8139 NIC. Required patches etc? All but LAN, sleep works. All USB headers work. CPU Model Number: Core2Duo E4400 @ 2.7 Recognised as: 2.7 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Memory/DDR: 2 x 1GB Kingston ddr2 800 Value RAM Video Manufacturer: EVGA (Nvidia) Model: 7800GT/OC Bus Type: PCIe x16 Memory size: 256MB Dual screen working? Yes, Dual DVI. 2 x 17" lcd both @ 1280x1024 QE/CI working? Both working Resolution changeable? Yes Required patches or bios flashing? Working out of box with NVinject option selected. SATA/IDE working: Both IDE and SATA working flawlessly, Have 3 SATA drives, 1 Pioneer DVR-112L patched firmware w/bitset always on DVD-ROM. 40gb IDE for swap junk. Wifi & patches? Atheros AR5212, kext from 10.4.8 Other peripherals/PCI addon cards? Realtek 8139, works OOB. Would prefer built-in gigabit, too lazy to get it working. Misc Hardware: 400gb SATA, dual boot with XP. 320gb NTFS drive, 120gb Time machine.