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  1. Help with a mini 210 hackintosh

    I am having a very similar issue, after having everything else almost totally configured, and re checking the installer USB I am using. IS this happening to you on an already installed disk which was UPDATED? or are you running an installer. This error is almost identical to mine. Very odd. I had switched to a 10.8 "rollback kext" , because i was getting an error for "appleacpiplatformexpert" now that seems fixed , however I get this more cryptic stuff you have listed aboveeeeeee
  2. GREETINGS I have a SR2 build / conversion I am working on today ... 10.9 , anyone still working with this system?
  3. Realtek ALC889 for EVGA SR-2

    Where did you find the dsdt for that board!? Can you link that aml file again?
  4. For anyone interested: ONTO the next step , Removed : genericUSBHCI , applytymcedriver, applegraphicspowermanagement, appleintelcpupowermanagment Added: 10.8.1 rollback, nullpowermanagement, realtek alc 889, apple rtc cmos patch, 3rd party sata, evoreboot, elliotforcelegacyrtc, kernel cache y, pci root 1, -v, graphics enabler n, 1080p display mode ... more soon!
  5. Hello, Ok so everybody check out this Kernel panic I am getting>>> I have made a custom boot USB installer for 10.9 which ive already ironed out a few issues on, I am converting my Dual Xeon Evga SR2 to mac finally and am having a system definition problem (panic). any ideas? appleacpiplatformexpert start failed :: "Apple platform expert startup failed, unable to find driver for this platform, system MacPro 5,1 ..." Ive tried changing the smbios.plist file ? and to remove it entirely, then... it just crashes under a mac mini definition 1,1 similarly... Maybe a specific edit? see the picture for details: In the bios its set to one processor etc , no hyper-threading etc etc etc etc , any ideas ? (But it has the EXACT same error if all processors and HT are turned on anyway) I had to make a custom thumbdrive to get it to work, then added some kexts and bootflags on there, maybe i introduced something i shouldnt have? its going to be a rad server when this works! Any thoughts much appreciated ! Chimera 2.2.1 + MAC os 10.9 install DMG added flags for graphics, & other stuff which seemed to work, but now im stuck on this one. -Morg. SEE PIC. (sorry a little blurry) BEST>