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  1. 10.5.5 update broke Marvell Yukon 88E8056

    I'm glad I read this, I was just about to install 10.5.5 on a P5K-E. I'll hold off for now
  2. [How to] Asus P5K-VM guide

    Well I used an external Realtek ethernet card and everything is working fine now. I wonder why the internal wasnt working for me when so many others seem to have success.
  3. [How to] Asus P5K-VM guide

    Hey, I followed Midnightdavid's guide (twice actually) using the iATKOS 1.0ir2 dvd and almost everything works mint but I'm having problems with the onboard ethernet. I followed the instructions to switch from 3 to 6, repaired permissions, refreshed the Extensions.kext, but whenever I use the network I start getting kernel panics and finder crashing. If I turn en0 to off in the system preferences the system runs fine. If I just do light browsing it works ok, but the connection drops after a few minutes and I have to turn en0 off then turn it back on again to get the connection up. If I manually set the connection to 100Mbps half duplex it seems a little bit more stable. However, as soon as I try to copy a file from my fileserver or download something from the internet, it gets a few MB in and then I get a finder crash or kernel panic. I have tried all the obvious stuff, changed the network cable, connected directly to my cable modem to cut out the router. No change. Has anyone else experienced any issues like this?
  4. try selecting both the efi emulation and the darwin x86 boot loader. Also, I had to boot up the gparted live cd and set the boot flag on my leopard partition. It was already set, so I removed it, applied, then added it back and applied. Did a complete shutdown and removed the boot cd then started up again and leopard booted. I dont know if selecting efi and darwin is the right thing to do, but it let me use the vanilla kernel. I guess the real test will be whether or not the 10.5.2 update works when it is released. I used the iATKOS 1.0iR2 disk.
  5. Problem "Loading Darwin/x86"

    I checked the md5 on my zip file and iso last night and neither matched the md5 from the Kalyway post. I originally got the .zip one. I just re-downloaded the .iso version and checked the md5 and it matches. I'll have to give it another shot tonight.
  6. Problem "Loading Darwin/x86"

    I'm having this exact same problem, but I'm beginning to think it might be the disk. I have tried it on my computer at home last night, but I have also tried it on a dell desktop and an IBM Thinkpad at work this morning and I am getting the same problem. I'm going to try and reburn the disk later tonight.
  7. Connect to SMB windows Error -50

    Vas' fix worked for me on 10.4.8 Thanks Vas!