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  1. Leopard on Vaio PCG-7A1M ACPI panic

    ... one should check MD5 checksum first!
  2. Hi, I need help on the install of Leopard on Vaio PCG-7A1M. Started on -- for testing -- if it is possible on this old rig. But, it fails directly on boot of install DVD. The components are: Intel M740 @ 1.7 GHz Intel M915 ICH 6 chipset nVidia Go 6200 Wireless Intel 2200BG Phoenix BIOS R0044J1 I am really a rookie on that all, so I started to read some posts related to my hardware. It seems to me that only Leopard (10.5) my run on that M740 processor due to missing SSE3 support and being a core sole. So a distro will be used with a voodoo kernel was my conclusion. So I gave iPC 10.5 PPP5 final untouched version a try without success. It failed directly after boot of the DVD with a "Unable to find drive platform: \"ACPI\".....IOPlatformExpert.cpp:# kernel panic I tried all the available boot options -v -f -x acpi=off ... and many more without success. The laptop does not have any BIOS settings about AHCI nor RAID nor SATA. It is an ICH6 with only supports IDE PATA drives. Does this rig need a special mod? Br