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  1. Thanks. Some of us might not reply (as we have really nothing to say) but we are here watching your progress and still deciding on whether buying a surface for an osx86 is a good option or not.
  2. So, to sum up, impossible for now?
  3. Only one USB port, either I have Wi-Fi or a mouse...
  4. Thanks! How's your experience so far running macOS on Surface 4?
  5. Just to let you know Microsoft is doing a great Black Friday promotion on the Surface Pros! What USB wifi are you using? Thanks.
  6. Great news. Will it work with the Surface Book? (Intel Core i5-6300U / Intel 520 Graphics)?
  7. Have you tried this? https://pikeralpha.wordpress.com/2016/10/30/aapl-properties-for-skylake-graphics/
  8. The new lower end MacBook Pro uses the Intel Iris Graphics 540. There should be support by now, no?
  9. kanton

    [GUIDE] [10.12] Sierra on Tab!

    Thanks midi. I've found some 2nd hand. I used google image search Then I noticed the other threads and felt like a fool Well, the truth is I am a coder and sometimes I need to finish some projects on xcode while on vacations. I was looking for Surface 4 but seems it's not osx86 friendly...yet. We only know a device is fully compatible years after first release
  10. kanton

    From desktop to laptop

    Thanks. But I can live without thunderbolt . USB is enough.
  11. kanton

    From desktop to laptop

    Have been using a desktop build by me after following one of your useful guides. Was waiting for today Apple news and considering buying one of the new MacBook Pros! However I didn't like what they deliver and I am now considering a Microsoft Surface Pro 4. What do you think? Seems progress has been made for the Surface Pro 3 but there are some serious unsolved issues for the 4. (Surface 3 are now only available as 'used')