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  1. Hi guys, I have a bit of a problem gettin my ati mobility 4570 running with qe/ci and the correct resolution. I have a Toshiba l500-128 on which I installed hazards 10.6.6 I installed and updated to 10.6.8 using smartie77's toshiba l500 guide because his laptop is almost exactly the same as mine, only difference is the video card. (he has a Mobility 4650) I tried numerous kexts for the 4570 but every time I boot i'm still on 1024x768. Hardware also reports 'no kexts loaded'. OS X starts up fine and all, but I can't for the life of me get my video card working. Is there anyone who can guide me through the exact process to get my card working? Maybe I need some other kexts or something, I have no idea. If you guys need more information about my setup or laptop just ask. Thanks in advance! Regards, Erik
  2. Alright, I appreciate you making time to fix all these different Bios even though you are also busy with your job etc.. Thanks in advance. Regards, Shifty
  3. I get the same thing with the Asus P5QL-E bios, can you please be so kind to upload these files again? Many thanks in advance. Regards, Shifty
  4. Thanks for the reply, but I managed to get OS X working, by selecting another kernel to install. All I have to do now is install the video drivers etc., and I've got a working system. You really helped me out here, and I really appreciate it, thanks. Regards, Shifty
  5. Thanks a lot, EasyBCD 1.7.2 didn't work, but with EasyBCD 2.0 beta I managed to get the bootloader working and I'm now able to select Mac OS X, and boot it. But now I get another error, when I boot OS X with the -v flag, loading halts at the following error: USBF: 31.235 ApleUSBOHCI[ox5f55000]::CheckSleepCapability - OHCI controller will be unloaded across sleep The values after USBF, ie: 31.235 and the 0x5f55000 numbers differ with every reboot, they're never the same, which is also fairly strange. After a while the above error is followed by a Waiting for root device message. I searched the forums, but I couldn't find anything that could help me out. Regards
  6. Re-burning the ISO didn't make any difference, but when I connected my IDE dvd drive it instantly worked. I installed mac os x without any problems, but I can't get it to boot. As I previously mentioned, I have two HDD's, a 320GB for Windows Vista, and a 750GB for data and mac os x. Before I started installing OS X, I disconnected my Windows disk just to be sure the bootloader or any other information didn't get erased. When the installation of OS X was completed, I reconnected my Windows drive, and booted into Windows Vista. I opened up BCDedit, and added OS X to the bootloader (as described in the guide). Now, when I select Mac OS X in the Vista bootloader I get a Chain booting error, any idea how to fix this? Regards, Shifty
  7. Alright, I patched the dvd, and finally there's no more 'waiting for root device' error, but I do get a Sam Multimedia Read or Write fail after a while. I read this might be because of the DVD drive, so I replaced my drive with another dvd drive (also sata), but it gives me the exact same error. I didn't have access to my brothers pc which does have an IDE dvd drive, I'll try it in the morning, and see how it goes.
  8. Thank you very much for the reply, I set my BIOS settings according to the template and retried the iAtkos 1.0i R2 dvd, and it still doesn't get past the 'Waiting for root device' message. Any other ideas what might be causing this error? EDIT: I also retried Kalyway's 10.5.1 ISO, and I was able to click on erase disk, and after a while the install completely froze again forcing me to reset my pc. Regards, Shifty
  9. Hi, sorry for bothering y'all, but I have a problem with installing Mac OS X leopard on my home system. There is already a specific thread about my motherboard (Asus p5n-e SLI), but this guide is only for installing OS X on a non-sata hard drive, and seeing as I only have Sata drives, this doesn't really work out for me. This is the guide I mentioned above: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=83092 Even though the guide says it doesn't work on a Sata drvie, I did try it to be sure, and I followed all the steps, using the mentioned BIOS settings, booting the dvd with -v cpus=1 etc. The guide mentions that the iAtkos 1.0i R2 dvd should work, but I'm not able to even get to the installation screen with it. When the dvd loads up, it stops loading after a while, and stops at the following 'error' message: Extension "Com.Apple.Driver.itunesphonedriver" Has no explicit kernel Dependency This message is followed by this: 'Waiting for root device'. Obviously this where it stops, and I havent been able to resolve this error. I already tried different boot flags like: -v,-x, -f, cpus=1 and maxmem=2048 (my system has 4gb memory), but I still get the error message. I Also tried a Kalyway 10.5.1 dvd, and with this I am able to get to the install screen. But the problem with this dvd is that when I go to the Disk Utility, and select the second partition on my second harddrive (I created this partition for OS X), and I click it, the screen locks up, and I'm left with a spinning cursor. Sometimes it doesn't immediatly locks up (don't know why), and when I go to the 'erase' tab, and I select to erase the partition, it starts calculating etc., and than the system completely locks up, no spinning cursor, no nothing. With the Kalyway dvd I also tried different boot flags as I also mentioned above, but it doesn't make any difference. My system specs are the following: Motherboard: Asus P5N-E SLI (Nvidia 650i chipset) Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 2,66Ghz (OC'ed at 3,4 Ghz running stable) Memory: 4096 MB Kingston DDR2 667Mhz Video card: MSI Geforce 8800 GT (factory overclocked) DVD Drive (Sata): Optiarc/Sony DVD RW AD-7173S Windows HDD: Western Digital 320 GB Sata2 Other HDD: Seagate 750 GB Sata2 Sound: Realtek 883 (onboard) Network: Nvidia Nforce network controller BIOS settings as set according to the P5N-E SLi guide: HPET: enabled Jmicron SATA controller: disabled IEEE1394: disabled I also have the following motherboard CPU settings set (don't know if it makes any difference though): Intel Speedstep: disabled Virtualization Technology: Enabled Execute Disable Bit: enabled Enhanced C1E: enabled Plug & Play OS: disabled All serial ports are disabled USB 2.0: enabled USB Legacy: enabled I'm using BIOS version 0803. (just downgraded form 1301, just to try if it made any difference, but it didn't) I hope someone can help me out with this, and point me in the right direction, or tell me what to do to get OS X working on this motherboard. Many thanks in advance. Regards, Shifty
  10. Can't switch back to Windows...

    If you would just reinstall Windows, insert the Windows Vista dvd in the dvd drive, start the computer with the dvd, and start the installer. At some point in the Windows installer you have to select where to install Windows, select the drive and choose 'drive options (advanced)' right below the hard disk list. Here you can choose to format the drive, and install Windows. Hope I could help you out. Regards, Shifty
  11. Hi all, I recently installed Leo4all's Mac OS X 10.5.2 ISO on my laptop (Fujitsu PA1510), but I can't get my wireless card to work. I already followed the instructions in this topic, but I still couldn't get it to work: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry707729 I could really need some noob proof instructions, because I have no experience with OS X. Thanks in advance for any replies. Regards, Shifty
  12. Atheros AR5005(G)

    Same here, I followed the steps as described on page 1, but when I go to network settings and I click on the ' Turn Airport On' button, nothing happens. I'm using the 10.5.2 LeoForAll ISO, on an Fujitsu-Siemens PA1510. I hope someone can help me out here, as I'm a noob in Mac OS X. Many thanks in advance. Regards, Shifty
  13. Update: I retried the installation, and now it does work all the sudden, after the previous attempts. Now, when I boot with the -v option, startup gets stuck on the following errors: FireWire (OHCI): start - unable to get device memory Still waiting for root device Does anybody have any ideas on how to get OS X to boot? Regards, Shifty
  14. I downloaded a copy of Zephyroth's 10.5.2 AMD install DVD, for my laptop. (AMD turion 64) The installer boots fine, and everything works perfectly until the laptop reboots after finishing the installation of OS X. When the pc reboots, I get the 'no operating system found' message. I folllowed these steps during the installation: I erased my entire disk with the Disk Utility, and made a partition for OS X of 15 GB. I chose to install os x on this partition, and chose the patches I thought were neccesary, like the AC97 sound driver. I also chose to install the MBR boot thingy. (can't remember what it was called) After these steps, I get the aforementioned error. So, my question is, are there more steps needed to get OS X to boot up, maybe the installation of another bootloader lik Grub, or the Vista bootloader? Many thanks in advance. Regards, Shifty
  15. OS X 10.4.8 Problem (Kernel panic)

    Well, I tried to find the XXXX10de number but I don't know where to find in Device Manager. Here's a screenshot of my Geforce 8600 GTS hardware ID, maybe someone can point me in the right direction? (Sorry for the Dutch language in the screenshot. ) This is what the complete text string says: 'PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0400&SUBSYS_82411043&REV_A1\4&63F8C69&0&0018'. Already many thanks in advance. Regards, Shifty