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  1. hi ive currently got a amd hackintosh machine running leopard 10.5.8 works a dream looking to get a intel mobo and cpu so i can use snow leopard properly what would you recommend for about £200 or equivalent to other currencies
  2. dik

    10.6.2. panic screen

    nope i downloaded 10.6.1/10.6.2 dvd and installed straight 10.6.2 works fine but every now and again get that panic screen even more when i try and extract rar files and stuff like that
  3. hi installed 10.6.2 on my amd machine and when i try and extract rar files and mount dmg files i get a panic screen which ive not come across before like the other post on post installation wondered if anyone knows what it is as ive installed seatbelt from 10.5.6 install dvd and still getting it
  4. dik


    hi ive installed snow leopard and i cant get my internet to work ive got asus m2n4 sli mobo can someone tell me how to get it up and runnign as everything else works ive installed 10.5.6 on another hard drive and nforcelan works a treat just cant get it to work on snoe leopard
  5. hi i need the installer for sapphire hd 2900 xt 512mb gfx card so i can get qe/ci and full resolution in leopard 10.5.4 any help please ?
  6. dik

    unexpected error

    hi when i installed uphuck 10.4.9 v1.4a yesterday everything was fine till i done the account details .i got up to where you put youre password in and stuff then when i done that and clicked ok it said something like this Unexpected error Sorry an unexpected error has occurred (unable to add standard user) just wondering what hat was and how to fix it as it wont let me go any further keeps reloading account set up
  7. dik

    7600 gt install

    ive just installed nvinject on 10.5.1 for my nvidia 7600 gt and iget full resolutions only in safe mode.if i boot normal i get that 9.1.0 kernel panic why is that
  8. dik

    alc850 fix

    hi anyone got an answer on how to get alc850 audio working on my leopard
  9. dik

    hd 2900 xt

    hi ive finally installed leopard on me amd machine just wondering if my hd 2900 xt is the reason why i can only boot in safe mode as i get a very glitchy screen if i try and boot normally plus if so how do i get it working any help?
  10. dik

    you must restart

    hi this isnt really a prob as such but every so often i get this message saying i must restart my machine forsome reason i am using uphuck 10.4.9 v1.4a any help please
  11. hi is anyone using ati hd2900xt in tiger as i cant get resolution to go better than 1024x768 just basic really everything else seems to work
  12. hi is anyone using ati hd2900xt in tiger as i cant get resolution to go better than 1024x768 just basic really everything else seems to work
  13. dik

    ToH install

    ive installed ToH leopard and when i boot it up now the apple logo is there and the little circle keeps spinning ive done the script patch and it still does it
  14. does anyone know if it is possible to patch retail mac os x leopard to run on amd machine
  15. hi ive tried to install ToH_x86_9A581_RC2.iso on my pc but get a mesage ssaying "unknown SIGSEGV code 0" can anyone tell me what that means asus M2N4 sli amd x2 64 6000 4gig patriot memory 500gb western digital radeon hd 2900 xt 512mb