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  1. steadybootleggin

    (graphic enabler script+legacyati4600 +ATI_Init )for ati mobility radeon 4650

    Thanks... will try soon
  2. steadybootleggin

    (graphic enabler script+legacyati4600 +ATI_Init )for ati mobility radeon 4650

    after i run the exe.. where in my dsdt do i put this?
  3. i wish i understood this... i will try but there is a few things im already scratching my head about... i got a cq62-418 with ati hd 4250.. anyone have this fix? .... or maybe help me understand. am i looking to edit the bird files from my atiframebufferkext? .... am i about to get clowned hardcore for this post? maybe ill just run snow in vmware
  4. is this a guide for a 2 month old distro???
  5. steadybootleggin

    Transitioning from EFIX to Chameleon

    hey i just posted this on efi-x forum and it is probably gonna get removed but i ditched my efix a month after getting it and got a ssd hdd with the money... and my rigs have been solid!... any way this is what i posted: not trying to flame it just happy i sold it quick
  6. works great! great fix! i installed the latest sleepenabler.kext with osx86 tools and viola! works with sig below and another set up of mine (ga-945gcm-s2c, c2d 4500, vanilla).... Anyone get this sleep fix working with a non vanilla, p4, voodoo, guid, s3 able machine?
  7. steadybootleggin

    Monitor won't sleep... no screensaver

    here is what you do.... i uploaded a black square jpeg. download it and put it in a folder in your picture folder, then go to system preferences and aply it as your screen saver.... some how, some way it allows the monitor to sleep (not the computer though ) ... i put tiger on a lot of computers that were for people who did not want to buy new computers but were sick of viruses and they had like 845 graphics and this was my work around...... trust me it works
  8. steadybootleggin

    [Guide]Intel D945GCLF2 10.5.x Retail Installation

    i didn't comb this topic but, if you don't have a retail leo disk or a dual layer disk then you can just use the iatkos 10.5.5 dvd AND JUST SELECT THE BASE SYSTEM UNCHECK EVERYTHING ELSE. it may already be known, but it is just a stripped down retail when just the first box is checked. like i said, i didnt comb this topic to see if this has already been said or if anyone else even had this as an obstacle... i actually just didnt feel like running out to get a dual layer dvd and i got this mobo for a freind and had all types of problems trying to get a fully functional leo install on this until this tutorial... thanks , it is a great package
  9. steadybootleggin

    10.5.6 Sleep Fix by Jan Bird!

    i know........ i posted this on the efix forum (i gave the credit to jan bird of course), and the admins took the post down! they censor that forum like crazy... i got like ten post removed for like no reason.... anyway, i wonder if anyone with an efix can confirm if it works (just for my own curiosity)....... i sold my efix, so i cant test it..... ( i just bought it for kicks, it is cool but, much buggier than my $175-cheaper-vanila hack build)
  10. steadybootleggin


    that would certainly be quite a deal....... i know that the economy is bad but, i dont need $$ that bad..... ANYWAY.... i have already sold it to a co-worker that is interested in building a hack rig ........
  11. steadybootleggin


    like i said ... it is ok (e-fix) but, i really dont need it. i just got it out of curiosity .. it is great for plug and play use! but i can get by just fine without it..... best offer... it is about a week old now...... EDIT: SOLD
  12. steadybootleggin

    EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    ok just got time to trade out my mobo for a p35-ds3r (got it for like $80 ) and installed efix.... -had to get one of those cheap e-bay ide to sata converter for my dvd drive - sleep works and wake with power button -time machine didnt work at first, had to use the time machine fix from a kaly disk - sometimes the usb mouse doesnt work upon wake up ........... it is nice, the fancy boot menu and it is driver free except for time machine fix. it does seem to have one or two bugs. my boot123 set up had none. ill give it a shot for a while ..... if anything ill ebay it and go back to boot123
  13. steadybootleggin

    EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    now that my posting rights have been restored ( dont know why they were suspended in the first place but,..)........ anyway......... is this thing like an external efi? sort of like getting a mobo with efi? i hope these guys are around long enough to update and support this device. i have already ordered one.... i guess i got money to burn
  14. steadybootleggin

    R.I.P Prawker

    that's right ! i forgot about the compaq call! that was great!!
  15. steadybootleggin

    My Project Hackintosh

    get the 8400 gs.......... ..........here is a build i did for a friend....nevermind the stuff you already have or don't want/need OOB = works out of the box GIGABYTE GA-EP35-DS4 213.00 USD ( sleep/wake, firewire, alc889, ethernet = OOB ) core2quad q6600 200.00 (2) sata 500 hard drives 140.00 ( 1 for windows if you like ) sata 160 gb 40.00 ( time machine unless you already have an external or something ) Pioneer DVR-115D IDE 40.00 DDR2-800 PC2-6400 8GB 190.00 xfx 8800 gt 512 pcie 160.00 atx quiet 600w psu 70.00 thermaltake lan box 150.00 xbox webcam OOB 40.00 ebay airport extreme (cheap chinese knock off ) OOB 30.00 http://cgi.ebay.com/Airport-Extreme-Wirele...id=p3286.c0.m14 USB MoBo R Panel Bracket 10.00 usb bluetooth dongle dlink 40.00 keyspan front row remote 40.00 ebay mic (cheap) OOB 6.00 ............with this build, grfx strings, boot 123, chameleon, and retail leo, you wont need any drivers! ( time machine and restart fix only )