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    10.5.2 - Metric Halo 2882 Stuttering Problem

    I had the same Problem- with Metric Halo, as well as Apogee Interfaces. Simple Solution: get a Firewire Card with Texas Instruments Chip and you should be fine. ~cheers
  2. HorstKöhler

    [:::Please help:::] WTF is up with MIRRORING?

    I can confirm this... (Kaly 10.5.5. /NVKush on Gigabyte 965P DS3 with E4300 and GeForce 7100GS 256MB) Had no luck with Natit either. But: I'm happy that it works somehow... didn't know that rotating helps, before reading your post. Well, it doesnt look cool, but turning my 2nd display upside-down is the way to go for me right now.