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  1. @knightmfg you have exact problem i had with facetime...its so stupid and banal:)...i discovered what was the problem after weeks of forum digging...you have to tie your credit card to your itunes account for it to work...if you created free account it DOESNT work...just add your billing info to your account and...voila ...also make sure your account is for your country...i had us account...didnt work until i created croatian one with my credit card billing info ....and make sure you use my smc edited kozlek fakesmc.kext (works much better on our cpus..more speedsteping and temps are alot lower...uses older smc version exactly for our laptops) ...if you have keyboard layout problems(i couldnt type @ symbol) just google for ukelele for mac and edit manualy ---(i can provide my custom croatian pc keyboard layout,just pm me if anybody needs it---i doubt anybody will but still:)...and edit modifier keys under keyboard settings to your liking...so you can use ctrl like on windows ....happy hackintoshing...and kudos to xangel and fusion once again edit: i have bcm4321 wifi and it was recognized from the start as third party wlan card...and i connect to my wpa2 without any problem...i did rebrand it in linux so its now recognized as airport extreme....try this link Rebranding BCM WIFIs .....if you have rev01 4312 use : Vendor: 0x106B / Product: 0x004E good luck @xangel sorry for being MIA for a long time...my inspiron 1720 fell on its face(busted lcd) so i havent had my 1720 for a long time(and have been playing with my surface pro 2 that arrived 2 days ago )...i disconnected lcd (and removed top cover) from motherboard...and bought samsung 2233 lcd very cheap...connected it with vga and now bios and win and osx sees it as my main display...hurray...tried playing with alot of battery kexts but nothing works better then your kext...percentage stands still unless reconnecting(or disconnecting) power suply...now my inspiron 1720 has became imac...so my battery only serves me as an ups haha:) ...its a desktop pc now...but surface pro 2 saves the day
  2. hahahah good joke I'm glad i could help out a little for a change....especially after bugging you and fusion for weeks with my wird ram problem i don't mind the shutdown at all...its just one small thing...my battery never shows right level unless i plug in and out my ac adapter...if i plug it just for a second and unplug it its shows the correct value...otherwise it just stands still(battery percentage)...i calibrated my battery its not the problem edit: @xangel it sounds to me that we have the same problem...you have to replug/or plug ac for a second for pc to see real battery percentage...thats why when I'm on battery laptop always shutdowns unexpectedly ...without alerting me its low...its something to do with acpibatterymanager.kext...will lookout for a newer version maybe of this kext or something...or maybe grand wizard Fusion will see this post and do his magic on our machines again hahhahaah
  3. we don't use shutdown anyway edit: @fusion bought surface pro 2 few mins ago on ebay.de for 1000usd 128gb please take a quick peek This is Mavericks on Surface Pro 1! with old touch drivers(one pressure sensitivity only...new wacom driver works perfect but couldn't find that vid) And this is...you will see hahahha Sketching on surface!!
  4. @xangel i achieved something ....i don't know if it outputs max volume(will compare to windows tonight,and connect to my tv when i get home)....i edited info.plist in our voodoohda kext changing string : <key>VoodooHDAEnableHalfVolumeFix</key> from false to true...i found this fix somewhere on the net...tried it before but i messed up something with permissions..now volume slider works much better-you can hear sound below 50% slider level....but i think it does only that ...anyhow this is better then original voodoohda in your guide...you can try it yourself and paste link to your first page guide(if you want)...will let you know later if volume output is any louder..if not will patch applehda in a few days .....cheers voodooHDA.kext for inspiron1720/vostro1700 (STAC9205) with half volume fix : http://www.sendspace.com/file/ii3vqo EDIT: tried it with airfoil (airplay) streaming to my iphone connected to my speakers...the volume max output is doubled will try it with 3.5mm output when i get home and will let you know for sure...guys try it out and please before installing play a song or something in itunes on max volume and try to remember the volume...and then the same with the new voodoohda...i forgot that step hahaha for noobs like me : 1.delete voodoohda.kext from S/L/E ...also remove applehda.kext if you have it 2.use kext wizard,click on installation tab...browse to this new kext and make sure you install it on your intended partition 3.click the first tab in kext wizard(maintenance) and tick all available boxes...make sure the partition is the right one then click execute EDIT 2: ​it solved my problem...output from 3.55mm to my speakers is much louder...still not like windows but good enough for watching movies
  5. on my dell inspiron 1720(t7500,8600m gt,ich7), newest chameleon(with patched dsdt-thanks to fusion) it works with 10.9.2 original appleacpiplaform.kext...can invoke sleep many times...not sure if it helps you xps m1530 guys
  6. @fusion @xangel thank you for your help...il try it myself maybe i will have better luck...thank for your help...you were very helpfull to me during "hackintoshing" and i can't thank you enough EDIT yup...doesnt work ...i will try to add hdef from my original linux dumped dsdt to my current fusion patched one...and will let you know if i succeed....if not i will try to binary patch apple hda for our laptops i will give our laptops max volume even if i have to learn programming in assembler i will do it...i promise...just wait...a couple of months(years) ahahahah...cheers if not will install windows 7 again (just for external tv movie watching offcourse )...this 8.1 is getting on my nerves ....i hate it more than vista p.s. i just love this emoticons sorry hahaha...
  7. @xangel no the issue is that the voodoohda outputs very low max volume-i can't hear a sound until volume slider is set to at least 50%.. (compared to windows,or patched applehda-had one working perfectly ages ago)...and when i bring up the volume on tv the sound is very bad(because the source volume is too low)...its not a problem at all....will boot to windows...just wanted to know what layout set to 0 means...maybe fusion will know...cheers
  8. @xangel - i only have 160gb and 16gb usb stick and its killing me...i ordered 500gb internal hdd 2 months ago and still waiting...ebay seller from Singapore is not the fastest way to buy but its the cheapest theres still one thing bothering me...its the sound...the volume to be exact...i connect my pc to tv via vga+3.5mm for sound and when i turn volume up on tv(pc volume is on max) i hear sound distortions..especially with the new mkvs...i found this patched applehda for stac9205(i think we all have the same one...check to be sure) http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/161-applehdakext-for-latitude-d630-stac9205/ i would test it myself but it sais to "set layout-id to Zero" in the kext description is this dsdt related? if anyone knows what that means i would gladly test the kext EDIT : DOESNT WORK or i could just boot windows when watching movies on tv and stop being a smartass friendly advice @anyone that keep getting stuck at random points ---- delete everything(usb installer included ) you have done so far and start from the beginning using this guide
  9. @druvix try out my fakesmc.much better stability with it.my dell 1720 hackbook works like a real mac now https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B3tEhE9Cwl_OYWxLblpMSXVEbzA/edit
  10. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B3tEhE9Cwl_OYWxLblpMSXVEbzA/edit newest FAKESMC by kozlek with 1.16f11 smc santa rosa version edit: my bios : speedstep on,ida off....dynamic akc limits cpu to 2ghz
  11. just wanted you guys to check out this page http://www.osxlatitude.com/tuning-performance-with-fakesmc-smbios-plist/ i downloaded newest kozlek fakesmc+hwmonitor and downgraded my smc version to 1.16f11 (01160F00 0011) and changed value of "smc compatible" string from "smc-*something*" to "smc-santarosa".im using the same 5,1smbios though.i can confirm speedsteping works a lot better,there are more speedstep stages now (even different frequencies(multipliers) on cores) and i did get a better geek bench results for a 100(geek bench 3).also the computer doesn't heat at all anymore when doing simple tasks like youtube (and if you have 1720 you now how hot it can get especially the gpu)
  12. there was a problem..info.plist missing in my kext???...anyways redownloading(tried reinstalling many times before) kext helped and it works...i will try to not have any more problems at least for a day or two thank you guys (pm me your address ill send you guys a beer lol) @chris what are your specs?you can use mine dsdt if you have t7500(2,2ghz) cpu and 8600m gt graphics EDIT: also make sure your bios is set to ahci,and that you have disabled speedstep,dynamic acceleration and virtualization @fusion Does new chameleon boot flag option -CST Using SystemIO(New C-State _CST generation method using SystemIO registers instead of FixedHW) helps to make our dell cpus get c states?
  13. should my boot.plist look like <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>darkwake=0</string> <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>max_valid_dma_addr=1024</string> or <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>darkwake=0</string> <string>max_valid_dma_addr=1024</string> thanks EDIT : i did what you said but still nothing...kext isn't loaded at all...i checked with kextstat command you said...is there a way to load it manually?