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  1. G73SW - 10.9 Install

    I fear no one checks this forum anymore Anyway, I solved (at least somewhat solved) one of the problems. The backlit keyboard doesn't come back on randomly, maybe 1 in every 3 times, after sleep. I found that if I put the computer back in sleep and reopen it will turn the light back on. A bit of a pain, but much better then a full restart.
  2. G73SW - 10.9 Install

    Did you upload the updated files to get this at such low temps? I used the first post files with tutorial posted. I don't know if there are updates since then as I didn't see anything else actually posted. Maybe I'm just a bit lost.
  3. G73SW - 10.9 Install

    This has been the best hackintosh tutorial/thread I've come across for the G73SW. Exceptional work guys! I can't say that enough. I upgraded my laptop to have a SSD and a matte screen with 1920x1080 resolution. Mavericks looks and works great on it! I still have the ASUS bios. I really don't want to mess with a hacked bios. I had to use Voodoo Battery kext for my battery icon to work and for some reason the headphone port didn't work the first time I installed Mavericks (was playing around though). The wifi card I had was the intel one and never worked on any OSX version or install. I removed it and installed an official Apple wifi card I got off ebay. It doesn't screw into the board, but it does fit well. I have it taped too. I still have these 2 issues if ANYONE could help. It would make this the PERFECT hackintosh laptop for me. 1. Backlit keyboard doesn't always come back on after sleep. If it doesn't come back on fn+num + or - doesn't work until restarting. 2. Laptop runs HOT. all 4 cpu cores are idling around 55-60c. GPU is often 65 or more. With minor use, like using chrome or safari, my cpu is cooking at 70c and the cpu is hitting 75. When I play Warcraft the GPU is hitting 89c or more and the CPU is doing 75c or more. The only thing that made my computer heat up even close to this under windows 7 was gaming. I'm wondering if the fans aren't spinning fast enough. The laptop fans would be much louder during gaming on Windows. I have no way of turning up the fans. The keyboard issue is kind of annoying, but I specifically bought a laptop with backlit keyboard function in mind. I use it a lot. Would be awesome to have more control over it, see it work like it does on a regular macbook. As for the heat, I feel like OSX requires more out of the hardware, I get that. I had a macbookpro, and it would just get INSANE hot, but I'm still a little iffy about letting the GPU get so hot. It is also uncomfortable to hold this laptop during use due to the heat omitting from the bottom and the fans.