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  1. Project AnodizeD: G5 mod

    Well I am back for now I am debating whether or not I should keep my G5 case since I am between jobs and planning on moving north. I still need to work on the back end and currently my dremel tool is broken :/ so yeah them the breaks. I should have wrote this months back but been back and forth trying to find a job and sell off a few things to maintain here for now. Anyways that is it for now
  2. neoofoox's G5 Mod

    awesome job
  3. Help With Airflow

    you have good positive air flow, I would first organize and manage your wiring. They can hinder the air flow by being a construction path that will restrict air movement. Second find a high RPM (rotation per minute) fan with good CFM (cubic foot per minute). This will reduce 1. Noise and 2. help move air in an efficient way. typically you will find some fan's that are 2000Rpm and a db (decibel) less then 25 which is humming sound. Do not be fooled that is the max speed and can be loud. They are actually set to 1800Rpm which is a great speed and have from 19 to 26db which will be quiet on full load.
  4. G5 case noob: How to remove optical drive tray?

    It would help a lot if you can post an image of your optical drive bay, the tray takes some time to remove can be difficult so it is important to have patient. there will be some nuts on the back wall where the original AMD motherboard used to sit that holds the tray against the wall, on the other side will be the sliding latch that locks the side door to the case, under are some nuts as well both this will have to be removed. The hard part will be removing the tray itself. personal experience I believe once you get the slide to move into position it should then release
  5. Project AnodizeD: G5 mod

    and a happy holiday to you
  6. Mac Pro 2,1 CPU upgrade.

    It can be a somewhat difficult process but please read through the post. They are helpful http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/4525-discussion-fit-a-pc-in-a-g5-powermac-enclosure/ http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/287191-the-laser-hive/ Welcome to the hackintosh and mod community
  7. Mac os x 10.10 or KDE x64

    Thank you once again, sadly I do not have a spare box (external or HTPC) I guess I will have to require one later on I know this sounds off topic but it corresponds with formatting FAT file system. HP has a USB format program that will by pass the rated 4Gb limitation. I used the same Psata to backup my PS3 file to format the harddrive, Since the PS3 system will not allow NTFS harddrive to connect and be used I had to use the HP usb format program to format the harddrive into FAT32 the program also allows you to format to fat and bypass the limitation Not sure if I will be able to do the same over 100Gb but I am willing to try.
  8. Mac os x 10.10 or KDE x64

    thank you for posting, I have already installed KDE on a Psata (laptop) harddrive, 230Gb. I have a power adapter for Psata to Sata that fits into a standard desktop I will go that route for sure then. It will be less complicated, I will split the 1tb but I do not know what partition format to use. I want to share data in between so I can tranfer data between OS.
  9. Working on my G5 mod, setting up a budget for the hardware going with an I5 quad core, Gigabyte motherboard, 1666Mhz DDR3 Ram (6Gb), 1 Tb (split 500gb, 500gb) WD Sata harddrive, Nvidia 650TI graphic card. Purpose of the build is for studing and understanding Mac build But now I am working on Ubuntu/linux builds Thinking of KDE with the build a 64 byte version might do a dual boot system but I heard there are some complication with the boot master. None the less would like an option to weight out which one would go well with the system.
  10. Project AnodizeD: G5 mod

    This looks GREAT! I can not wait to see it on your G5 tower Fabius Bile. I made back to miami had a hell of a clean up and organize. Got to work on the back piece of my G5 tower. Need to fix it and make it flush
  11. [Brainstorming] Notebook Mod

    Lol they do sell carbon fiber vinyl on ebay or amazon though it is easier to find on ebay then amazon, I am using one on my HP laptop, been holding well for over 1 year now. 60cmx60cm can be cheap, I won a couple in white and black for under $10 US. If you want to go authentic you might have a bit of work to do, sand down the top with 200 grit, buying carbon fiber mat sheet, resin, I believe lacquer or clear resin and polish compound with wetsand kit. Best, fast and cheap bet is to go with the vinyl the carbon fiber vinyl comes in planty of color including color shift or mat clear now. I would go with the hackintosh vinyl to cover over it or if you do not want the mess but have the money get it laser etch over the acer logo.
  12. Project AnodizeD: G5 mod

    Hello my friend I am back for now. I am up state right now. I will be back to miami florida and back to my mod with in a couple of months. I can not wait to see your mod and water cool sounds great!. I am working around lubuntu 14.04 right now on my HP laptop, I am planning now to do a dual boot system and am thinking about using KDE or ubuntu with window 8.1 (or 9 when it comes out)
  13. Project AnodizeD: G5 mod

    hello my friend, it has been a long time since I was on here. Your power board mod looks awesome I am working none stop where I live in north dakota. Very good amount of jobs with great pay. I will eventually move again else where and drive back to my home state to gather my things as well as my G5 case mod I hope you keep up on your mod. I want to see your case when it is complete
  14. Project AnodizeD: G5 mod

    I have friends who build and collect armor and my girlfriend roommate collect different swords I would love to rpg and I loved playing D&D when I was a teenager lol
  15. Project AnodizeD: G5 mod

    Yeah i made sure the panel cleared before putting the back fan holes in. They are a little more down then I would have liked so I will adjust when I come back. The vacation will be for a couple of months. My girlfriend and her roommate want to take me to places and to a Renaissance fair