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  1. after this step "26. Using "Kext Helper b7", install all four .kext files from Diablo's Kexts/Part1, but DON'T REBOOT YET. 27. Move /System/Library/SystemConfiguration/PowerManagement.bundle to the trash. It will ask for your password. Type it in then click "OK". Reboot. You should now have full 1024x600 resolution, as well as Quartz Extreme and Core Image graphics acceleration enabled (translucent menu bar)." the computer reboots and after the apple load screen i just get a white screen with some like interference lines in it and a white rectangle where the dock usually is... cant see any icons or any toolbars or anything. what do i do?
  2. Final Cut Studio 2 working on Hackintosh

    what do you guys do, burn it on daul layer dvds? i can only find ones that basically have files bigger than 4gbs.
  3. Your Greatest Photos

    thanks that means a lot . haha yup you'd be right about that cpu. I've been wanting to do a lot more work with exposure shots but its a lot of hit and miss with the street i live on.
  4. Final Cut Studio 2 working on Hackintosh

    do you need a special hacked version of fc to run it?
  5. Your Greatest Photos

    bonestonne you are correct, its an old processor i found laying around, super macro shot. if you go into the flickr page there are afew other ones of it.
  6. Your Greatest Photos

    wow, you guys have some awesome photos, im still just a beginner and am still adding to my collection on flickr (its hard to choose which of the probably close to 100s of photos are good enough). my flickr account Some of my favorites
  7. using final cut studio 2

    I just stumbled across osx86, before i go through with installation and all i was wondering if i need to get a special version of final cut studio 2 to get it to work, or will any version work?